Told Hawaii I Was Gonna ‘Woke They Ass For What They Did To Eligio Natureboy and Aarona

Just happened tonight…

DAMN…. the place it hit was Hawaii known as the “Big Island” (which is where that volcano is located) – where Eligio Natureboy and clan stayed:

All I gotta say is Chris Case Motherfucker Chris Case CHRISSSS CASEEEEE ??????

This neo-wetback thought I was a joke….

Ugly lil mofo!

– Now him and his heaux got next ??? Hisssssssss

Dumbass mofos! This was in revenge for this (you can see that ugly lil chipmunk faced mofo’s RACIST comments up above):

HoHungryHungryHawaiian And All Them Nazi Quarantine Breaker Groups Need To Chill With Their Shit

Interesting still…. while uploading to Youtube, the title count shows 71 = justice

– Notice she look Egyptian, witch ??‍♀️ is my ancestry….

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