HoHungryHungryHawaiian And All Them Nazi Quarantine Breaker Groups Need To Chill With Their Shit

I talk about it here:


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They need to lose tourism ie mo-nay ????????

Don’t go to Hawaii, not even for vacation! Looka this forum to see what I mean….


Fuck Hate-why-E! Go to the caribbean for ocean blue beaches; they are prettier and the people nicer and not built out of spam indigenious landwhales like you see on the Isle of Hate-Why-E!

Now here are reasons why they hate non indigenious Hawaiians and I approve this part: https://infolific.com/travel/usa/7-reasons-hawaii-hates-you/

– Sound like me! I don’t like to wear shirts!

– The one above my fav!

All you mofos in those facebook groups I mention here need to read George Orwell’s 1984 cause that is the path you are leading ALL OF US down to….


Ya’ll asses leading mofos down the path of 1984.

Somebody gonna lead to your address and all that ya’ll keep up with that reporting shit:

Karma a mofo and peepole are gonna start putting ya’ll shit out there. Just wait!

Now, the nutcases who run Hawaii’s two biggest sites where they report so called quarantine breakers (of a fake ass plandemic) is this mofo here named HoHungryHungryHawaiian:

– Fucker needs to report his lord ass to the nearest health food store!


And this other group called Hawaiian Quarantine Kapu Breakers:


– This an e-vile bitch! I see treachery, misery (luvs company), MISERABLE, envious. If this black eyed having ass bitch got kids, they need to be taken out this heaux’s misery, oops I mean custody. She strikes me as a narcissits, an egotist who hates her life and loves taking it out in others.

This here another fat bitch (who should not be quarantining herself from a health food store or gym) who, of all peepole and thangz, runs a facebook community for resident homeless peepole on Oahu (all these mofos policing shit instead of minding they own business – you’d think being homeless they would expend time into finding a regular ole place or job instead of fucking with people):

These people are fucking retarded and will be the downfall, the cause of America’s loss of freedom and march on into martial law ??‍♂️?

These citizen gestapo are NO FUCKING DIFFERENT than the bum ass punk mofos who reported neighbors who did their humanly duty (fuck the law when it ain’t right) bu hiding fucking jews from being exterminated just cause it’s the law!

Or my people who hid in various houses sp they can make their way up north from slavery (it’s so funny how parallel our history is with the jews).

I just wanna say something about how racist assholes are quick to dismiss slavery as just being slavery (as if it makes it any better) and not a racial plan of genocide in which babies were fed to alligators or tortured and experimented on as was done in the La Dauphine house in New Orleans (which is where I am from):


– I cried looking at the pictures I posted of slaves to be honest.

There was a focus on using us for slavery, which is why I laugh when crakkkas try to say, “Well we were slaves (not in America, ya’ll were indentured servants who could buy your freedom after 7 years and ya’ll agreed to the conditions before and weren’t tied and whipped like we were, fools!)”, well, why aren’t ya’ll on any pictures of people being lynched and fucking burned and tortured:

He looks like James Baldwin!

Look like Tupac!

– Emmit Till. My dad used to talk alot about him. Such a cute kid. That was fucked up and nan of the basturds who did to to him were ever brought to justice.

….But you can find us tho.!

And it still continues to this day….

Rodney King

Sandra Bland (a fucking wetbuck did it):

– He a fucking wetback! I warn you kneegrows not to sleep on or with these peepole:


Okay, look: I got one question – except for a few, like Sandra Bland – notice it’s the black femails who tend to be innocent and not doing shit – WHY all the black males who got caught up were some horrible ass fucking individuals like Mike Brown of Missouri who can be seen whipping an old black man:

And robbing a convenience store

The ones who get put in the news are usually not good people to begin with or, like Michael Brown (that sociopath and possible, I just heard spiritually, future rapist) pos who don’t do shit for anyone else but just take while blacks who don’t do evil shit to others (so you know I ain’t on that high and mighty anti drug, anti sex work fake “moral” shide) rarely get shown for this, whose stories get put on the backburner. I think they lit pull these stories out so they can later on pull out the narrative backhandedly of the Black Man Who Is A Terror Who Deserved To Die At The Hands of Police narrative, like they did with Pretty Boy George Floyd:

– SOooooo, Pretty Boy George Floyd whipped a wetback’s ass ??‍♀️

That’s an ugly mofo:

He look just like that monster.

Anyways, the shit is so fucking crazy. It’s never a good nigga but someone doing dirt. There is an objective behind it. Also I won’t use Pretty Boy George Floyd’s case as an example cause that shit a psyop and Derek Chauvin was under mk ultra mind control psychotropic drugs when this happened. I explain it all here:

My Thoughts On The Boy George Floyd Debacle

Anyways, one of those facebook groups – the one ran by the black eyed bitch, they are REALLY on some real 1984 report your neighbor shit.

This is scary:

– Reporting dudes (they were making fun of em, using their being allegedly gay to make fun of em = homophobic) for doing something ALL our ancestors did: hunt and eat chicken!

Also that shit with them meeting with the senate to discuss how to further limit folks’ freedom is some real Orwellian shit:


I think all that spam = processed foods are getting to they mofo heads!

What a good lil slave, smdh ??‍♀️

I already covered how this fake corona budlight plandemic virus scam is a scam designed to introduce us to Agenda 21 and the slow unraveling of our constitutional rights which I covered here:

The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

– They doing it and them dumbass Hawaiian mofos are helping ??‍♀️

In the early DAZE of this shit they were telling you the shit ain’t nothinh but the flu – and diss the World Health Organization saying this:

Those people are fucking crazy!

Looka how they hunted this man down just for fucking vacationing:


Hunting people over fucking nonsense!

– They got them looking like public fucking enemy #1

This is fuckinh ridiculous, acting like they dangerous fucking criminals.

How fucking mad!

Look, Eligio Natureboy ain’t doing anything really fucking illegal except be a perv, get mofos (who willingly give it) they money! Look, this nigga ain’t no fucking Jim Jones. He nastay ass mofo who like booty and pussy and runs practically a reality show (which you can look up online) which alot of nosy ass trolls watch, who, like the next person people be calling on, reporting hence why they be getting kicked out, which brings me to my next subject!


Aarona a fucking homeless lady who is beseiged by a slew of bad spirits (I saw in a vision some folks putting ‘woke on ha) – about 90% of the spirits around her are bad – who ain’t in a really good place both spiritually and mentally (watch for this month cause the energies are fucking BAD and chaotic and crazy as indicated by here):

LOL no wonder I been getting drunk and crazy and getting naked in the middle of the fucking skreets, lol!


Fat ole wetback looking ass bitch!

– Looka him looking at ha ass lol!

Here come this fat wetback bitch again!

They hunted ha. TF down!!!!

I couldn’t deal with that shit. That’s why I be putting ‘woke on mugz, killing mugz ma’s like I did this mug here:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Anyways, that shit is insanity. All this overkill over a fucking illness that is practically the fucking FLU:

That’s why they tell ya to just wash ya hands and stock up on toilet paper. They know it’s a fucking joke:

Anyways, I talk about all dat hea:


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Also here is how the ORIGINAL hawaiians look (black) and you can still find em to diss day ???

Yet they hate on Micronesians cause they are black (the Hawaiians aka Polynesians WAR-SHIPPED light aka white skin):

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