HoHungryHungryHawaiian And All Them Nazi Quarantine Breaker Groups Need To Chill With Their Shit

I talk about it here: Β  [purchase_link id=”36468″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”] TF WRONG WITH THIS ISLAND OF WEIRDOS! They need to lose tourism ie mo-nay ???????? Don’t go to Hawaii, not even for vacation! Looka this forum to see what I mean…. https://www.to-hawaii.com/forums/Thread-Belligerent-Hawaiians Fuck Hate-why-E! Go to the caribbean for ocean blue beaches; they are prettier and the people nicer and not built out of spam indigenious landwhales like you see on the Isle of Hate-Why-E! Now here are reasons why they hate non indigenious Hawaiians and I approve this part: https://infolific.com/travel/usa/7-reasons-hawaii-hates-you/ – Sound like me! I don’t like to

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