The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

I need you to all understand the severity of the situation:

I am already looking battered and bruised:

My health and life are at risk.

That said these people – Barbara Reina, David Reina, and Michael O’ Terrence and another guy whose name I don’t know have done placed really sentinent astral nanobots that have taken over my Soul and my Soul’s consciousness in an effort to remove me from my body and replace me with a “computer program” named “Rosie”:

Here are all the people involved in this:

That said there is a reason why I drew this depiction of a bunch of people using computers that are hooked up to my mind:

They are using victims who they have stuck astral parasites into, such as my mom and dad, to hook up to folks’ like mines subconscious minds and get them to use their subconscious minds to write “narratives” from computers for your life as part of their “game.”

All of this is done in the astral – but affects you in the physical plane, hence why some folks who are extremely mentally healthy “start seeing, and hearing, shit” such as me.

That said what they first do is stick these “connectors” to you using Soul pieces with their astral parasites in them:

Into your subconscious mind and into the pineal gland so that they can let their astral parasites, that are extremely sentinent due to having the Soul pieces of their consciousness in them, into you so that they can take over.

These astral parasites which are based off or use the Soul pieces of or are the actual changed Souls of past victims morph and change form and turn “intranquil” or in other words invisible so that they can take you over over time.

This how they look:

These are the worst:

They then stick chords into the back of people’s heads, in the neck near or in the subconscious so that other victims who had astral parasites placed into them can then “see” what the main victim is doing and “feed” that information back to the perpertrators of this orchestration:

From what I understand they got all of Malibu hooked up that way. I also saw this in the astral.

From there they use a complicated method where they infuse folks’ Soul pieces with theirs by violating their astral DNA to do whatever they want.

In my case through the infusion of the Soul pieces, which has their consciousnesses, they tried to kill me in my sleep such as when Michael O’ Terrence, a shaman in Malibu, had his consciousness merge with mine in which by connecting my physical brain which is connected to your whole Soul with your whole Soul consciousness piece, brings you closer to the astral plane consciousness wise, making you feel physically there so that when you dream you dream incredibly “lucidly” and you can be killed from there such as when Michael fired a flamethrower at me while I was “dreaming” and I could feel the scorch of it when I woke up.

I feel something tightening my neck as I write this, putting a strain as if someone is choking me.

Because I have been reporting on them, exposing them, they have decided to keep me alive and use me as an energy sacrifice:

They take your Soul pieces and turn them into that then reattach them to you or place them into you so that they can feed off of you and steal your energy, ideas, spiritual talents etc.

This is how I look in the astral plane:

It’s been getting so bad that I once saw my Soul – which had been compromised by Barbara – reaching out for help.

That said alot of folks reading my blog probably think that I am crazy but these people that I am dealing with are extremely evil and use very complicated methods via which to get someone and, after trying to kill me in my sleep, drive me crazy (they were hoping that I would end up full blown “schizo” on the streets, talking to myself which by some grace of some spiritual protection did not happen), they plan to use me as a lifelong energy sacrifice to harvest off of folks and from what I hear they plan on attacking other people in Malibu as well.

Even though in my case this all started in 2014, before I even stepped foot in Malibu, some really big people are paying more specifically Michael O’ Terrence, to keep me out of Malibu and from what I understand I am not the only person they plan to harvest and/or kill.

They are attacking the poor, down on their luck folks where I live – a boarding house – with one woman the other night saying, “I don’t wanna die” and I knew they were energy harvesting her, as they did to the poor people in the mentally ill wing where I was at while I was in jail.

I constantly get tormemted with them saying things like, “I killed your parents”:

Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Killed My Parents

Or I killed your brother, with them showing me images through my third eye of my baby brother being tied to a bed and them – Michael O’ Terrence, Barbara Reina and David Reina – raping him!


I constantly hear Michael O’ Terrence through some mechanism they placed in my head allowing me to hear them, saying he plans to rape me and my mother when we hit the other side.

Now I realize that’s what they meant by turning me into a machine as mentioned here during my astral experience:

I am doing what I can to remove this but I am so compromised that I don’t know how my energy body is truly constructed cause over the years – 9 years – my energy body has been so mis-rearranged, so warped I don’t know which is which so I need help.

You can call me at [email protected] or 310-359-5199.

Thank you!

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