Astralworld 7: Breaking Barbara’s Machine

The most insecure people who are not whole in themselves seek to dominate others for power.

That is the case with Barbara.

That said, I was journey through the astral plane, traveling when I kept running into those machines I mentioned occupied by people – usually men – with those booming ass voices.

Those guys usually had a misogynistic bent about them which I hated and the women I witnessed would acquiesce to that bull.

That said, I wanted to destroy them machines to get to the crux of the Gooru issue.

I recall trying to bring down one machine that belonged to an old guy who was drinking white wine – looked to be well heeled in his old life when he resided in the physical – and he was telling me that you can’t change or take down the Gooru system, a very patriarchal system.

I saw another one up in the skies being occupied by a good looking playboy type looking mofo.

The “Gooru” ships looked like this:

The Hindenberg.

That said, as part of my astral voyages, I wanted to see certain sights.

I somehow got whisked away to see “Goddess Kali’s” realm and was instead treated to the sight of seeing Queen Elizabeth it appeared – underground – with devotees and followers.

I thought it was just sad.

That said, I kept flying until I came upon one of those machines owned by Barbara.

See, her place and Lionel’s place – those two terrible places – were made up of these machines which used living people in the astral to comprise them (Lionel’s sick ass had meat hooks, all sorts of torture devices attached to these people).

I recall after attacking her and doing something to her mind seeing her having busted out, having sex, like the most perverted, raunchy, orgy group sex – with her nazi cohorts then she went into a meeting in the high rise place she was at.

At one point I recall flying and seeing her astral airship called Pavolvs which is used to travel around the astral and I saw a man with all sorts of wires hooked up to his body, attached to Barbara’s machine.

I proceeded to free him and I recall Barbara that bitch saying that that was what I was meant to become and calling me a “robot” – at one point I was treated to a scene where I saw synthetic, android parts being placed into my crown chakra and body which correlates to being used as a zombie in the physical, exactly what she wanted me to become.

I then saw other people in cylinders attached to that machine, feeding it. I went about destroying those machines and freeing those people.

I wanted to get to thr crux of the problem of what was allowing those machines to thrive.

I was surprised to see ghetto black folks – and a man who looked like Snoop Dogg – behind it.

It seemed I traveled underground and I was in this ghetto ass home filled with – and I am still shocked – with black folks who had out-dated ass furniture furnishing the place.

I asked them who was powering this shit – who or what was being fed from it – and I saw a giant roach in the wall and I was shocked.

It seemed a common thing for roaches to dominate this realm.

After killing it – I went back out on the street and encountered a man who looked like Snoop Dog. He kept shifting very similar to how they shapeshifted in that Phillip K Dick based Keanu Reeves film, “A Scanner Darkly.”

He was with a group of folks and he told me not to fuck up the machine and that there were 7 more machines to fuck up – if I wanted too.

The first one took alot of energy so I was zapped.

I then flew past a golf course with folks playing on it. Two white bitches tried to get rough with me but I recall beating one the fuck up – and everyone laughing – and bombing another.

I then decided to return back to my childhood home. I saw a white family from Malibu had done moved in and drastically changed it into a mansion with a pool out front.

I went about destroying the mafioso looking people who made the deal with Baron Samedi to do it as well as those people. I also burned the contract giving them rights to my childhood home. I recall Lionel coming around to wanna beat me up but, because I destroyed him before, he retreated.

Then, them assholes from Malibu came.

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