Tom Brady Was Used By Giselle Bundchen As An Energy Sacrifice And Kanye West Got Mind Wiped By The Illuminati

Tom Brady Was Used By Giselle Bundchen As An Energy Sacrifice And Kanye West Got Mind Wiped By The Illuminati

He ain’t looking like a crackhead high on meth for nothing poor thing.

Here is how he looked when he was married to his first wife: he looked sneaky ass fuck seriously!

But he still had light aka a Soul in him.

Now look at how Soulless he looks with Giselle:

This when they first got married. Notice she had no light in her eyes and his either. This was the start of the energy drain:

Looking at the vis a vis comparison…..

He went from looking smoking hot to looking like he smoking crack 🚬πŸ”₯

She was using this man as an energy sacrifice, draining his Soul. It is exactly what Barbara was doing to me when she was swiping my Soul pieces – then changed out my consciousness and my whole Soul on Saturday August 20, 2022 – while taking my whole Soul piece which she used to energy harvest off of – stealing my energy, my blessings – while I was horridly intranquil and horribly drained:

Discovered The Identity of Barbara Reina

The Soul pieces were chained. I even woke up with rust on my hand that I got by no other means…..

She had taken the Soul pieces and dispensed them to her astral coven members like this bitch here whose entire career is built off of stealing the Soul pieces and blessings of others:

Now she doing the same to my family and ancestors cause this white evil bitch is so desperate to conquer me.

That said I saw through my third eye Tom Brady’s whole Soul piece – which is where his consciousness lies – being held up in a sacrificial head that had in it’s inner world a land where dinosaurs feast on humans:

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

These are entity attachments:

That’s how they look when I see em……

Kanye West, same thing but worse…..

He is telling you right here he needs help:

Look at how dead his eyes are. They say the illuminati makes those who they have turned into slaves wear blue eyes and blonde hair, to show their slavery….

They got him looking like the zombie they turned him into……

Kanye West’s Soul Is Being Held Hostage In A Deep Underground Military Base By Aliens In the Astral

That said I saw through my third eye that he is trapped in a land full of sacrificial heads – which he fights valiantly – while being trapped in a sacrificial head – hence the term sacrificial head.

They got his consciousness in a sacrificial head and his whole Soul in a jar. It was very similar to what Barbara did to me, hence why I felt like I changed timelines and wasn’t in my body:

I Think David Reina Sent Me To Another Timeline Or To The Intranquil Spirit Realm

How Can I Get Back To My Timeline

That’s why he’s be acting weird – and pushing “god” the demiurge:

This is the real Kanye, circa 2011 before he was mind wiped at the UCLA medical center:

They have a history of performing MK Ultra experiments = mind and Soul wipe = experiments on people:

This is not him. These sayings by him are meant to make him sound “deep” but not really, so idiots who can’t see πŸ‘ think they are getting the real Kanye when they are not:

Here he is saying he in the belly of the beast aka “god” aka the demiurge:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Even the all seeing eye appeared as confirmation:

Look up biblically accurate angels to see what I mean…..

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

This is world is very real. I know all too well that it is.

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