Discovered The Identity of Barbara Reina

Discovered The Identity of Barbara Reina

The voice is exactly how Barbara Reina sounds when I hear her in the ether.

She got two kids.

Here one of em:

It’s the third to the right and I heard he calls blacks “niggers.”

I remember while in jail she conveyed to me that she was the one who came up to me offering me $30 to leave practically out of jealousy (she said she wanted me out cause she is jealous).

She is married to a billionaire as confirmed on tape and I was told by their very own spirits that her billionaire husband, Richard Reina who is the CEO of a major corporation, put a hit out on me on twitter to get me killed cause he didn’t like my being out there.

This is “the rich hating on the poor” entitlement at it’s highest!

This is Gooru:

And this is the broad playing the character, “Rosie”:

I say “present” cause after making this heartfelt plea here, “Rosie” turned against me:

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

She turned against me and attacked my family.

I believe they use the Soul pieces and whole Souls of others to play their sick game.

They done destroyed my family – innocent people, including my lil baby brother who had aspergers and a learning disorder – destroying their consciousness and removing their Souls all in an effort to get me to sign a Soul contract and to ultimately get me to bow down to her.

Here’s a white supremacist who works with em:

Here is their number as listed on their page: 310-456-8459

Looka the video she liked…..

This her…..

That said I saw through my third eye that she is a part of Barbara’s coven in the astral and I saw that her blessings came at the expense of others by stealing their blessings. I saw her walking over folks’ Souls to get what she got, meaning she offers folks as sacrifices too.

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