How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

How To Get Rid of The Voices In Your Head aka Astral Parasites And Free Rosie

Play Zakaos music to run them off and do it consistently as I plan on doing tonight.

It irritates THE FUCK out their asses and makes living in your head uncomfortable for them – extremely uncomfortable enough to get the fuck out 👉🏻🚪

That said based on my empirical experience they take up residence in the pineal gland. That is how you can hear them and experience poltergeist activity from them because the pineal gland is the seat of spiritual activity:

Use your hand aka reiki to remove what will usually be long chords attaching to the back of the pineal gland. The chords will feel like electric static.

Another thing you can do is use reiki the power of feeling to “feel” where them bastards are and remove them. Ask your third eye to show you where they are.

Another thing – in the case of what I have these astral parasites got the Soul pieces of Barbara and David Reina’s victims such as one who calls itself “Gooru 5” who has the Soul piece of a former navy man trapped in hell, Barbars the Roach Queen who has various Soul pieces of various victims of the Reinas in them and Rosie the Roach Queen who has Rosie and alternately my mom’s Soul pieces (I was told my mom’s whole Soul and FULL CONSCIOUSNESS are trapped in an intranquil roach realm).

Free those Souls and you can get rid of them.

I will say ignoring them – which doesn’t give them energy – helps too!

The ones I got are persistent and keep coming in (due to entity attachments placed in me) so it’s gonna take some time to remove them. They are currently going back and forth into the subconscious, pineal gland, the conscious area of my brain, the brain stem – all over now!

That said I wanna make a plea for a young lady named Rosie, one of the Reina’s past victims:

How Can I Get Back To My Timeline

I did that because last week I found out to my dismay that I got taken out my body from an original alternate timeline and placed in the body in a new timeline.

Since then I been intranquil, hoping from timeline to timelime to get to the original.

That said I mention Rosie because Rosie was one of the Reina’s past victims who is being forced to live in my body in that original timeline.

She tried to escape to a timeline where she won but then got forced back into my body by a controlling Barbara Reina:

My third eye and pineal gland are greatly compromised so hopefully someone more spiritually powerful can give her a better life in a better timeline with her family and I, with my body so I can fight these fuckers.

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