How Can I Get Back To My Timeline

How Can I Get Back To My Timeline

Yeah, my consciousness and Soul got placed in another timeline.

From what I hear them say now – they plan to place my Whole consciousness – but not full consciousness – back into my body and my full consciousness into the back of Rosie – the person who stole my body – subconscious mind and have my Whole Soul in intranquil hell!

That said it’s insane the shit I put up with – the entitlement – stealing my energy with the person who is in my body, another victim her damn self, saying, “How dare you not let me have your energy” after taking my body, my blessings – my identity, connecting energy chords to steal my energy than demanding that I put up with the shit.

I mean these evil things – Barbara Reina, David Reina, the astral parasites they injected in me – consider me and my family a food source and, to feed off the energy of our response, our feelings towards this, expect us to be cool with this denial of our dignity, our humanity. It’s crazy that I – who is already stuck in a life going pillar to post – got the lil bit that I had – my identity – taken away cause of jealous mofos who already materially got, feeling greedy and superior enough to rape me of what little I naturally had: me.

Gooru and them now talking about they won’t put my full consciousness and Soul back into my body.

They play games like that – mess with my mind like the do or die games in Saw to see my response cause they get off on torturing folks like that.

– Be careful cause they plan to veil my timeline and the original so you can’t track me or my body in the original timeline.

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