I Think David Reina Sent Me To Another Timeline Or To The Intranquil Spirit Realm

I Think David Reina Sent Me To Another Timeline Or To The Intranquil Spirit Realm

I’m not gonna lie I feel dead…..

It feels like the world is dead around me I’m not gonna lie.

The spirits been telling me that I am trapped in the intranquil realm but entity attachments got placed in me to put me under the illusion that I am still living in the regular world.

These same spirits are also conspiring to keep folks from seeing where I am at by veiling me.

I also have a whole body hard to take off entity attachment designed to not be seen in the astral that is designed to keep me in my body.

From what I saw through my third eye I saw that David Reina had taken my Soul – and my whole consciousness – out my body on Saturday and I saw me – and my family – in coffins.

That said, from what I also saw through my third eye my consciousness was in one of their victims named Rosie, who took over my body after I got taken out who I had been long proselytizing would take my body here:

David Reina Just Tried To Replace My Brain Stem With Rosie’s

Barbara Reina Is DESPERATE To Possess My Body

Barbara Reina Starting The Process of Removing My Soul

And I saw my Soul – and whole consciousness – in a realm that looks like it was divided from the intranquil realm.

I guess it is limbo.

All I’m gonna say is that I feel different, like dead. My hair is fuller:

Look at the jaws. Compare it to a week ago…..

I recall hearing folks in the astral on Saturday asking, “Is she dead?”

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