I Think That I Died In My Sleep

I Think That I Died In My Sleep

Look at how pitch black my eyes are – it’s cause I am Soulless, I lost my Soul.

I woke up this past Saturday, feeling like I was in a time loop.

That said, from what the spirits are telling me – and from what I saw through my third eye – I am dead.

I saw that my consciousness got transferred into a roach, as Barbara and David had said and my whole Soul was in some giant robotic like dinosaur like entity. Also, from what I am being told – my Whole Soul pieces, not my Whole Soul – got transferred into an alternate version of me in a parallel world which would be here.

I’ve been feeling weird, like I can feel giant fingers massaging my crown chakra, I can feel weird shit crawling all over my crown chakra.

I feel very weird, intranquil – not here.

That said I pray this is not the case.

You can hear here the famous song, “I do love you” being distorted:

My eyes are pitch black as can be seen here:

That’s a sign someone has no Soul. My Soul is gone.

– PS Barbara will put a veil to block you from seeing whether I died Saturday night.

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