David Reina Just Tried To Replace My Brain Stem With Rosie’s

David Reina Just Tried To Replace My Brain Stem With Rosie’s

Just now I could literally feel another brain stem – a spiritual one – start to bloom and spread out and I could feel another consciousness with different memories and all possess me and take me over……

I just got wind that these same people were attacking my brother, Kerry and my parents.

That said thank goodness that I know how to restore and delete shit. Otherwise I would be like those “crazy” people you see, talking to themselves on the streets.

That said it is getting real serious.

Gooru aka David Reina is obsessed with winning and sees taking over my body abd transferring it into someplace else is very vey sickening.

I mean he’s done cut off my ancestral line in me through manipulation of my astral DNA and my brain stem, which stores your ancestors and memories…..

And from what I understand he is not gonna stop until he destroys me.

It seems his objective is to destroy me via conquering me this way so he could feel like he “won.”

From what I understand David Reina bought a Soul piece of mine that had been sacrificed to Baron Samedi and then proceeded to violate my astral DNA by incorporating his DNA so he could turn me into a slave to be used as a spiritual battery for his spiritual abilities.

That said him and Barbara are going insane trying to find a way to conquer me, hence why they keep psychotically attacking me in my sleep, causing me to be constantly vigilante – and remove their entity attachments and any other violations of my bodily autonomy that they have committed in the middle of the night.

I heard Barbara Reina’s intent was to have me babbling, completely homeless and talking to myself on the streets and she is going into a rage that that hasn’t happened yet.

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