David Reina Just Tried To Kill My Light With A Crown Chakra Attachment Meant To Take It Away

David Reina Just Tried To Kill My Light With A Crown Chakra Attachment Meant To Take It Away

As soon as the light shone forth from my head I could hear the astral spirit of David Reina aka Gooru, one of his entity attachments, saying, “No, we can’t have that.”

That said, I realize why the other “consciousnesses” were easy to take: they were not mine to begin with.

They were fascimiles meant to allow me to endure in a cruel, harsh world – one that expects one to “be hard”, be unempathetic, and most of all, unforgiving.

That said, my true consciousness is a loving one: it’s my very innate nature to wanna make even the worst of people see the light such as how as a kid I fantasized how I would get jovial with even the worst of criminals and win them over with my personality when watching “America’s Most Wanted.”

That said, I lost my way giving in to ego, what other’s thought. By giving in to how I should stand tall in situations where I faced confrontation, I felt socially peer pressured to “stand my ground” in a way that feeds the ego and goes against me.

Instead of peace and love and being “the bigger person” I sought to “prove” to society how “strong and brave” I was by getting on low vibrational folks’ already low vibrational frequency so I could prove to society how “strong” I am instead of standing my ground within and being me in said confrontations…..

I went from being aggressive for understandable reasons to becoming a bully.

It was why I was a drunkard.

Folks who have innate light in them – strong light – often live at the fringes of society and are, like me, misunderstood, so thus we seek solace in a bottle to compensate for the lack of joy brought on by this so thus we can have some joy in our lives.

So thus I came back to my true consciousness after deep, deep Soul searching I had decided to endure during this ordeal I been forced to face and, I can’t believe that I found myself admist the mountains of lies, fake faces, I have lived.

I feel true inner contentment and I don’t wanna go back to that fake energy again.

I found even the consciousness I thought were “lost”, that the Reinas took, came back.

This is a consciousness that honest from what I am sensing puts me in direct contact with Source, with God.

I can’t believe it. As I write this – despite all the entity attachments the Reinas done put on me – I feel a direct and strong connection to God to where I don’t even feel the bullshit that they have done placed on me.

Their entity attachments feel light weight. They no longer feel as strong. I notice too that their attacks have been diminishing – usually they place THE WORST entity attachments you can place on a person when I go to sleep to keep me from sleeping but this wasn’t nothing to take off.

It was an attempt to steal my consciousness and they couldn’t.

That said as I played into being on their frequency and not on mine (hence the term, “Stay in your lane”), I was losing. Now I feel like I am gonna win.

This isn’t a contest: it’s a race to defend my and most importantly my family and other folks’ lives and afterlives but I can only win by being me, my true self, it is the only way…..

Crazier is when I was in the astral plane – when I kept getting pelted with negativity by Barbara, David Reina aka Gooru and their entity attachments/allies – when I had had enough, I went the opposite route which turned out to be my true self and I felt guided intuitively to hold up my right hand and light shone from it and everyone listened to my words on forgiveness and that is when the Reinas decided to really attack:

Now I feel invincible to their attacks. It reminds me of how when Christians say that when they called on God or Jesus demons fled. Demons flee from – and become powerless – before the light I am noticing.

That said in all honesty the Reinas are good people who turned into hurt people who seek to burn out the light in others that they once had.

They are not true sociopaths, psychopaths in that I can sense a spirit, energy in them even if it is dark as well as in their entity attachments that are extensions of their subconscious – but are folks who, like I once did, let other folks’ actions and words lead them, guide them away from themselves and towards a diabolical path of self destruction and self loathing wrapped up as “gaining power” by stealing folks’ Soul pieces and making those with light as dim as they.

That said, the love when folks get on their level; they become powerful by getting you to feed into them by giving them back their dark energy.

I even heard one of their entity attachments say, “If she becomes full of light, we can’t feed anymore.”

It’s why under Gooru’s control so many traumatic incidents got thrown my way….. so he could feed:

They hate light but, watch out, they will transmute it for dark.

That said, send them energy that will make them confront their past traumas.

Barbara Reina was apparently the victim of child trafficking as a child and so she needs to confront that history with all her being – emotionally, mentally, truthfully so she can overcome the pain that made her the monster she is. Same with David Reina.

Meeting them on their frequency don’t work; it’s what they want. If you have light, “emotionally” stay in your lane with them. You can “feel” when you are letting people into you. Never do that, even in fights. Be yourself and have them meet you on your level, within.

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