David Reina Has Turned Everyone Against Me To Take Away My Blessings

David Reina Has Turned Everyone Against Me To Take Away My Blessings

Here he, David Reina, is creating smoke in here as a means to intimidate me:

….What more can he take?

He and her……

– That is how Barbara Reina and David Reina aka Gooru look like……

I think this guy might be Gooru here as one night he apported some hair that looked like his…..

That said, they’ve turned my whole family into entity roach attachments, placed them in the intranquil realm, in an intranquil roach motel realm.

Now they are threatening to take them out of existence, saying that they have turned intranquil will become even more intranquil – till they’re gone.

He’s taken away my van – my home – most of my belongings. He has tried – and succeeded – in taking my blessings, what little blessings I got, my consciousness, my being.

They even tried to take my Soul.

In the middle of the night David Reina even took my roommates’ conscious mind and moved it into her subconscious mind to “show me he means business.”

I don’t understand people like this.

That said, I have lost everything and, from what I understand, from what his own spirits have been saying – since someone stole his blessings a long time ago his game plan is to turn me into a lifeling sacrifice and take my blessings and feed off my energy while I am alive as he is doing by stealing folks’ Soul pieces and using them to make him powerful, the same thing he has and is doing to my family and me (he constantly stays stealing folks’ Soul pieces that contains their consciousness and especially spiritual abilties so he can become powerful).

That explains why, going back to 2015 when he first brought me in the astral plane I had viewers of my Youtube channel get attacked by demonic entities created using my Soul pieces (he and Barbara LOVE to disguise themselves in the astral plane using Soul pieces stolen from others) and they would get inexplicably blocked when trying to donate to me via my Paypal.

Here is one of his victims: an innocent, already troubled homeless person:

Now Barbara Reina And Homophobe David Reina Are Trying To Steal Cookie Tookie’s Soul

– He always goes after troubled, broken people, like him.

I can hear in the astral plane folks in Malibu praising him and Barbara for attacking me but let me let you know that the reason why I was ‘wokeing is cause of him.

Back in 2014 they brought a Soul piece of mine from the astral realm purportedly from Baron Samedi in which they infused their DNA with it and then placed it back on me.

This allowed them to compromise my DNA, my identity, my consciousness whch continues on to this day.

I was told by him that he views me as an “investment” in “livestock” for him to feed off of.

I, who has lived a life in dire poverty, droning through existence, was intended to act as an energy livestock for this creep who has had his blessings reportedly stolen by others.

And he intended to use my powers and the powers he stole from others he imbued in himself to use me as an instrument to ‘woke people and steal their Souls, energies and blessings.

You all are praising the creep who made you hate me and caused you all consternation.

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

Turns out this represents your consciousness and as I have seen through my third eye he has spread his consciousness, a consciousness of demented, twisted evilness and perversion – all throughout Malibu.

I would see a giant “sacrificial head” – an entity attachment – spread out wherever I would go and turns out he was in control of it.

He had me, Barbara, and a coupla other victims that were forced into joining his astral coven – all contained in it.

He was why I ‘woked. He wanted to turn you all into sacrifices and influence you all to hate on, to attack me so that via muscle persuasion (because he infused his Soul piece into the Soul piece he put back into me he had control of my muscle inclinations hence why I talked so much on having issues with the right eye here and here)…..

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

I would be forced to ‘woke or else suffer muscle spasms.

That said, through his own manipulation – theft of my blessing of being able to help and lead people which I saw early this morning was perverted to turn you all who follow him into intranquil spirits, mindless zombies – and force he has taken some of you all’s astral DNA as he has done me to force you all to act in ways that are not you: to follow him.

If you are not feeling like yourself and you feel something “compelling” you to follow this person, you know what’s up!

He plans to eat up alot of you all’s blessings, minds, consciousness and especially spiritual power.

He sees himself as God. He wants to be God and is doing all this spiritual behind the scenes shit to makw him that.

As I type he is threatening to “wipe my memory clean” and turn me into a mindless drone zombie and keep me from exposing him and his plans, which he hates, unfurling entity attachment upon entity attachment upon me because evil does not want to be exposed to the light.

I recall someone saying I would be going up against two evil witches.

It’s my pact with God that protects.

That is why they have done allll that they have done and I am still here.

This is more than just somebody who has been hurt – he is someone who has tasted power – is bitter and wants to rope other people into his bitterness and steal their light, as someone has so done unto him.

That’s why he has destroyed my family and countless other victims who have had the misfortune of incidentally – accidentally – crossing his path.

All I ever wanted to do is heal but he would place entity attachments upon my crown chakra to inhibit me from meditating – while placing entity attachments designed to make me wanna drink.

In the dream state David Reina said to me once, “We can’t get you addicted to drugs so we will get you addicted to alcohol.”

And that is what so has happened, hence the horrific alcohol urges that in many cases costed me my life.

David Reina has become a demon. His intent was to keep me from healing so I can be accessible to him by being on the same frequency so he can take my blessings, my light that through egregious trauma after trauma he would try to take:

He’s even gone as far as attacking and running away my spirit guides and even higher selves in an evil bid to get me to become like him.

I heard word from the spirit realm that his intent was to groom me to become like him, become a protegè and when I started the process of breaking free by removing his entity attachments he placed on my crown chakra, that is when he decided to turn me into a “sacrifice”, his sacrifice:

– Here is one example of how his crown chakra entity attachments look….

Even Satanists don’t wanna work with him as I heard some folks who came to him to ‘woke me who I had under Gooru’s influenced ‘woked say that he is “too dark.”

That said I apologise to all the folks who didn’t deserve it who I ‘woked that I ‘woked.

It was all under his influence (as I type this right now he is harassing me with entity attachment upon entity attachment to keep me from getting this out).

He is using an entity attachment made from my mama’s Whole Soul to attack me.

That should tell you who you are dealing with.

I don’t even think he is evil: just a very very bitter – and wounded – Soul who wallows in bitterness, self pity and, like a child in a grown man’s body, has created an imaginary world in the astral plane where all of his victims treat him as a victor, a God to feed his bruised ego of which that Gooru realm is but an extension:

How The Gooru System Works

I’m getting the feeling that – though he came with an objective to get me to be dark like him by signing a Soul contract then to wanting to transfer my consciousness into roach attachments then to replacing my Soul with Rosie etc. – his real interest is to keep me fighting him and fighting him till I lose my light completely.

That’s what it seems like to me and then to use the spiritual abilities he stole from me and others to make others dim just like him.

For instance – him and Barbara Reina from what I understand have sold kids as young as infants into sex trafficking, organ harvesting rings (reportedly Barbara Reina works as a nurse) yet they have two kids. They don’t care about those kids, esp. Barbara Reina. They only see them as extensions of themselves, their bruised ego, esp. when they get attacked.

He doesn’t care about them kids especially when reportedly from what their own spirits say they are involved in child sex and snuff trafficking, such as when I heard a spirit say that they sold a young Afrikan girl to a man in Dubai for alot of money for her to be tortured, skinned alive up until she was murdered on the 5th day.

They get off on playing psychological games and torturing folks here in the physical as well as in the astral plane.

With that being said, in light of that, this goes beyond two mere hurt people hurting others – they’ve become demons driven by a desire to mass turn everyone into them because they want folks to be as traumatised and dark as they.

You can listen here to how David Reina sounds like a child, someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons who lives in a fantasy land, just like a child:

You are dealing with a child who has decided to walk the path of a demon, become a demon by using spiritual abilities gained through false means (theft) to get there, just as he was doing by manipulating my father’s astral DNA to turn him into a sex fiend in the astral plane (just heard Barbara Reina say “stupid black girl.”).

He’s given in to darkness and wants others to do the same.

I keep hearing him talk about how he wants to “break me”. His motives towards me keeps changing but I keep hearing all in all, constantly, “I want to break her”.

It’s the goodness he wants to break – hence why he brought me in the astral plane in the first place.

It’s why after stealing my spirit money in the astral plane he wanted to continue to force me into staying into a life of prostitution (how much money you have in the spirit realm directly affects how much you got in the physical) where I was forced into seeing – and needing – two guys who through David Reina’s manipulation were in relative poverty themselves and couldn’t afford it (he would give them their spirit money in times when I needed it to force me to subject myself to sex work just he would hand me my spirit money only when I engaged in prostitution).

One thing I will say is he hates pity. He also hates light and anyone trying to really understand him and break through the barriers, walls he sets inside his mind so that he can continue to dwell in darkness and feel “powerful” about himself when it is really he who is powerless as evidenced by all the Soul pieces he gotta steal from you and others to become powerful.

Pitiful and powerless.

That said he uses tricks to hide behind so you won’t get him in the astral plane – Soul pieces to hide their identity, changing folks energy signatures to disguise themselves, veiling even the minds of folks who are their victims so spiritual help can’t find them so watch out for this.

Another thing that I notice is that they have a serial killer mentality: they can hurt your family as they have totally done to me and others but you can’t hurt them back.

That’s why I mentioned the kids above cause they have kidnapped and killed other folks’ kids even in the physical, but you can’t hurt their kids…..

They feign empathy: they will pretend to care about you as Barbara has done, even wanting me – a 39 year old black woman – to call her “mother” in the astral plane (she even went so far as to change my astral form into a young white girl cause from what I understand her mama sold her into child porn as a child – everytime you tell her this she goes into a catatonic state), then turn around and hurt you or attack you when you do something that they don’t like or if you try to defend yourself. It is called “grooming”: the simultaneous love/attack system commonly shown in stockholm syndrome victims and other trauma bonds when victims develop a bond with their abusers.

It is a common tactic used by psychopaths, narcissists as a system of “reward/punishment” towards those who they have captive as their victims. It’s a control system: don’t do what they say, they punish you. Do as they say – toe the line – you gey showered with “praise” and “love” for being their underling, a minion.

That’s why Barbara Reina will say things such as, “You little shit” to my grown 39 year old ass. That is how her ma talked to her, so that is how she talks to me.

Both these mofos are psychologically sick and it is their mibds that need a cleansing.

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