How The Gooru System Works

How The Gooru System Works

Gooru 5’s realm, where I saw my grandmother, looks just like that!

The people there look withdrawn, dead because in the Gooru realms horrible entities are placed in charge of folks and their families who are spiritually powerful. It is like North Korea. It’s hell.

When you watch the vid if your third eye is open you can see what is attacking me……

It is an extension of the illuminati as mentioned here:

Create Entity Attachments Using Your Soul Pieces To Protect Your Consciousness From Mind Hijackers

The Gooru symbol is a penis which explains why I kept seeing this:

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

There is one in the astral plane as well as in the physical plane. In the physical plane they use remote viewers to control folks. It was revealed in the 1960s that said folks were being used to spy on folks during the Cold War. Here is proof of this:

That is what David Reina and Barbara Reina do for a living.

In the spiritual plane there are 72. Gooru realms are where parasitic entities and people, like David Reina, get to feed off of those of us with Souls. Supposedly Goorus, who are evil and sadistic archon rulers (I heard Gooru 72 was a serial rapist when he was alive), are hand picked by “god” to torment and rule over those who are spiritually powerful and meant to free others with Souls and, just as we with Souls get used as batteries by organic portals, archons and the demiurge aka Yaldabaoth, we are literally feed on in the astral realm in which Goorus allow for us to be fed on by roaches and other entities as witnessed when I saw through my third eye a scene where people in Gooru I believe it was 5’s realm were placed before large banquet tables, only to be fed on by roaches.

I am getting attacked right now just by talking about this. I can even hear the screams of the damned as I write this!

They place large entity attachments upon your head usually on the crown chakra designed to keep you from spiritually evolving as was the case with Gooru who literally placed a crown chakra entity attachment that looked like this:

To keep me from astral projecting…..

All of the alcohol urges, Soul entity attachments, replacing my Soul with Barbara’s was designed to keep me under tight control.

All of this brings me to this conclusion….. I recall hearing a tarot reader say that the “god” I am “under” is not the true god but someone who wants to be god. As I write this, the entity attachments and astral parasites, including Gooru 5, who call themselves demons and who Gooru sent to keep harassing me to force me into a Soul contract, said on numerous occasions, “There is no god” while threatening to put entity attachment upon entity attachment upon me if I publish this. I am thinking that the “god” they are referring to is “gooru” aka David Reina cause after all he invented alot of the entities, including a fake Baron Samedi who wore red and black instead of black and purple, his real colors…..

….which his own entity attachments admitted were fake…..

I came across while in his realm and I believe that is his made up corner of the astral plane he brought me to so he could feed off of me after death.

With him telling me I can’t ‘woke anybody but him and Barbara can sacrifice young 12 year old kids to themselves for not saying, “hi”, it makes sense…..

Burn the astral book that is allowing for Gooru aka David Reina’s Gooru realms and his whole created realm to exist by burning the book that is allowing it to exist by saying that you want to burn the book that is allowing Gooru aka David Reina’s Gooru realms to exist and you can do this to his private realm he has me entrapped in! You can also write a book saying you don’t want the David Reina or Gooru Gooru system to exist.

– You can free alot of people and take their power away easily and without harming yourself.

Also, teleport their Soul pieces out of all their entity attachments by saying (your third eye must be open for these but it can even be partially open as they got mine) that you wanna teleport so and so’s Soul pieces out of their entity attachments.

You can also simply burn the book allowing their entity attachments to exist πŸ‘πŸ»

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