Create Entity Attachments Using Your Soul Pieces To Protect Your Consciousness From Mind Hijackers

Create Entity Attachments Using Your Soul Pieces To Protect Your Consciousness From Mind Hijackers

They so stupid!

Turns out Barbara Reina and David Reina and I believe perhaps that Malibu child sacrificing dark witch shaman Michael O’ Terrence or Michael O’ Terry the Native American are government agents.

The reason why they go by “G1” and “G” is because that represents the government, hence the “G”.

Supposedly from what I understand from what they said “Goorus” are placed in charge of spiritually powerful people to hold us down (I saw my grandmother in one Gooru’s realm).

Basically it is the government’s aka G the illuminati’s astral realm for keeping down and controlling spiritually powerful people like myself from sabotaging their fucked up system!

It’s what I had been talking about here:

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

I learned while astral traveling that the reason why I had been seeing penis symbols is because that is the symbol for Goorus = patriarchal control. God.

I wonder if Gooru aka Da vid Reina created this and, if not, if Gooru represents God?

Knew it!

That is why I had this encounter with this mk ultra victim while a G man stood across the street:

Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

As I said in one vid G is the symbol of the illuminati:

How To Defeat The Illuminati: Know Thy Names Yaldabaoth The Demiurge aka God And The Illuminati Real Name Is A G Symbol Interwoven With A Snake

– I am beginning to rethink my stance on God, honest….

Explains why this shit be happening…..

PROOF of Human Sex Rape Trafficking of Homeless In Malibu: The Redneck Courier Service

Man Reveals The Existence of An Underground Tunnel Underneath The Gas Station Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger By Patrick’s Roadhouse In Malibu

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

– This is how “Gooru” aka David “Hank” Reina looks…..

He looks ALOT like Anton La Vey, the satanist but from what I heard from the spirits he got a big peanut head and weakly body, though he likes to make himself look hot in the astral plane and, like Barbara, hide their real hideous form by wearing Soul pieces taken from their victims like my parents and brother, Bryan!

He was the pos – him and a blonde bisch who I now know is Barbara Reina – trapped a poor Mexican girl with a coupla others in this terrible astral obstacle course where they were placed in a mall filled with Soul pieces (they look like cardboard cut outs) of other people looking at her and the other folks, making threatening comments as in one instance I saw one guy threatening to rape her!

I even saw my grandmother on my mom’s side who is a sweet old lady (I’ve been told that this pious woman was placed in a roach motel where they plan on placing my family, including myself, and currently got my baby brother Bryan in another terrible place in the astral) there.

There was another sick “obstacle course” where she and the others were to jet ski or swim in a river with “G’s” giant head chasing them:

And there was another which I don’t recall but I do recall seeing a young lady who runs the Santa Muerte shrine in MacArthur Park there, releasing a yellow bird.

I heard the poor thing – after being freed – got teleported right back there.

It’s cause they had her chained.

If you are in a physical body that can easily be taken care of by burning the book that has them chained:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Just say that (it helps if your third eye and crown chakra are open even if partially as that connects you with the spirit realm) you want to burn the book that has so and so chained to such and such a realm.

This came in handy when they were chaining me to many realms.

That said, see right here:

On the right side of your body on your hip lies I am guessing a chakra that allows for entities to connect chords to you and for them to connect to you, hence the old fashioned phrase, “Connected at the hip.”

Explains why I had so many issues on the right side of my body as I will explain later…..

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

Finally Removing Reptilian Entity From A Bottomless Pit That Has Long Been Trying To Possess Me On My Right Side

Battling Possession On The Right Side And Healing The Throat Chakra

Evil Entity Physically Places Implant On The Right Side of My Face

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

….I now realEYES this shit goes deeper than mere entities. I even heard they supposedly took Beelzebub – not the real one – and turned him into an entity attachment!

You can create your own entity attachment which you can place on the right – or the left – side of your hip. You can create this to serve you and protect your consciousness from mind hijackers by putting your Soul piece – there are two types of Soul pieces that lives in your whole entire Soul: Soul pieces then whole Soul pieces – into the entity attachment. You want to choose ones with your consciousness cause they will be better easier to control and work with you. The ones with consciousness usually comes from your whole Soul pieces.

I did this yesterday and I could literally feel the mind hijackers being ran out or st least their progress slowed.

Also, to take away a mind hijackers power, you can simply burn the book allowing them to have any and all Soul pieces or entity attachments (they drive the physical Reinas crazy but give them power) as that is the lifeblood of how they get their power.

Barbara Reina, David Reina, and Michael O’ Terry got thousands of them with their Soul pieces, including whole entity attachment producing machines which you can remove and take over by teleporting their Soul pieces out of them and replacing them with your own Soul piece, thus allowing you to get access to them and their power.

They are trying to scramble my brain by scrambling the pineal gland area using their astral parasites they placed in me (I’ve been trying to get rid of em but they are proving to be elusive) so that when people speak their words sound scrambled – right now it sounds like folks are speaking a whole foreign alien language because what I am telling you all are truths meant to defeat them and “G” the illuminati.

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