Finally Removing Reptilian Entity From A Bottomless Pit That Has Long Been Trying To Possess Me On My Right Side

Finally Removing Reptilian Entity From A Bottomless Pit That Has Long Been Trying To Possess Me On My Right Side

Before I begin I want to mention a series of “dreams” or as I call em astral visions which I have experienced early this morning…..

In the first round I was fighting off I guess a representation of this creature which manifested in the form of a human – at first white then black (shapeshifting designed to confuse me as to who the true enemy is which is the reptilian) which I sensed was a serial killer (I always sensed there was a serial killer attached to my old area in miracle mile which was also the site of alot of “accidental” killings, including a murder, which rested on Hauser Blvd between Wilshire and 6th – with a nice lil Syrian lady dying in 2010 after being ran over by a truck and a very nice neighbor dying in 2016 before I left my old apartment – which the whole neighborhood showed up for) – I have had a tarot reader allude to a serial killer being around me as well. That being said while shapeshifted I kept killing it and it kept coming back. At one point I was shown to draw a rectangle around him – which had drawings I made of various black women (ancestors?) amd to trap and contain his ass.

In another I was trying to get an encyclopedia to look up his name and it was Michael Henderson.

I do remember Jamila a tarot reader saying a male mighta put this shit on me.

I saw a guy who looked like a wannabe director from New Orleans who actually knew and called myself working with years ago with an annoying, scratchy voice who was trying to make it and never got anywhere (he was 31 and I was 19 at the time).

I wonder if this bitch watched me on the reality shows I did – Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and Game Show Networks “Without Prejudice” and put something on me?

That really pisses me off cause I can’t stand a jealous mofo and at first I thought maybe it was the old neighborhood (and my dabbling into satanism which was an extension of this) that caused this possessing mofo to attach itself and try to take me over – but now I recall something in New York following me, becoming attached to me (it sounds like a zombified spirit) which occurred wayyyy before I was on any shows……

Anyways, this an extremely difficult mofo for even myself to get off of me – but I been trying…..


I can feel the sonofabitch squirming on the right side of my body and it getting overly heated as I push it out – I can feel the difference in thoughts as to what MY thoughts are vs it’s…. I can also hear wetbacks – who I know from experience demonic, esp. reptilian spirits due to their bloodline which I explain here – stirring to agitate me as I push this fucker out, with those motherfuckers even saying she out loud as if in response to my own thoughts uncannily. I been saying those fuckers are organic vessels for evil spirits due to their bloodline and I am never wrong.

That being said regardless of this fucker’s derivation as to how it had become attached to me I will continue to fight it off as I feel it weakening – even just this past week wine baby tarot was saying those evil spirits were pissed as I have been breaking free of their asses and teaching others how to do the same.

That said they attach to and influence you through your sacral chakra (sexual energy zone where your central nervous system also lies) and, esp. your ego so break those bonds to keep from feeding em ??

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