After uploading this video to Youtube, I noticed that the comment section is “mysteriously” disabled so I can’t post in the comment section what I need to post.

Note another video’s comment section is not disabled:

I think they are located in or near my pineal gland!

Some of the more notable ones are Rosie the Roach Queen who had my baby brother bound in her roach motel on the other side, “Baron Samedi” the roach entity attachment, Barbara the roach queen, Gooru 17 and a couple of others that have burrowed themselves deep in there.

They are dangerous in that they are using my own energy to manifest evil shit designed to harm me and make demands such as that if I kill roaches, they’ll use my energy while operating inside my head to make me see and be eaten by giant ones.

They are being produced by those entity attachment machines that Barbara and David Reina keep making in the astral plane which they send to torment me, which they place their Soul pieces in.

It’s hell on Earth living in my body. I really need spiritual help!

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