Man Reveals The Existence of An Underground Tunnel Underneath The Gas Station Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger By Patrick’s Roadhouse In Malibu

I think ole dude is dead.

Ever since that fight last week, I don’t think he here. Based on his locale – and the fact that he was constantly, ALL THE TIME DRUNK – I surmise he fell into that canyon here and never madd it back.

Now that I think of it I saw his ghost running thru the forest in that EXACT area the other morning…..

It’s sad!

He told me that this gas station here:

Diss Patrick’s Roadhouse:

I’m a nut!

Lol I was lit AZZ ALL FAWK (off alcohol) that day ??

NOW, he admits it here:


He says he works(ed?) there and would clean the tunnel system there.

This reminds me of how folks have stated that there are major underground tunnels underneath the Getty Museum housing DROVES of kidnapped kids, people for ritual human sacrifice:

Say the title where they mention, oddly Patrick Swayze reminds me of the fact that he was in a film called “Roadhouse” which is the name of the restaurant right next to it:

That ain’t fucking coincidence…..

I stay not too far from the Getty Villa:

– Looka dat beauty-full view ??

You know what? What’s strange is they had a fire right by there last year:


I remember that shit and one of those articles up there talk about fires being used to hide shit.

That said, I strongly believe this girl here named Elaine Park who went missing in Malibu, like Mitrice Richardson, whose car was found in Malibu – got abducted and held at that Getty Villa for ritual sacrifice:

Man Says There Is A Cover Up of Women Going Missing In Malibu Involving Sheriffs and Local Government

That being said, you hear alot about tunnels – underneath Walt Disney, etc. – that are major hubs for mk ultra trafficking…..

They even have an exclusive club called 33 – a majorly revered number in freemasonry and numerology meaning “the highest level of enlightenment a human can attain”:

– That is a decoy, that ain’t the real McCoy I sense tho.

Underground military bases like Dulce, Groom Lake, Area 51 – the most famous – house these sorta things:

Al Bielek spoke of how children were being trained to do teleportation and go back in time at a naval place in Montauk Long Island in NY:

This blogspot here is PARTICULARLY disturbing as to the shit they did to poor lil babies at an airforce base named, interestingly, Lincoln Park in Canada – fucking experiments using drugs causing the kids to turn into monsters:

This one is THE WORST to read:

This another one that is gruesome to read:

This why technologically and spiritually humanity is REALLY fucking stuck in the stone ages, the dark era (of the soul) cause ya’ll got demons like that running the show…..

I said interestingly Lincoln Park cause it is believed that the frontman for Lincoln Park, Chester Bennington’s dad was the dude politrickian involved in Pizzagate named John Podesta which involved emails showing he was involved in raping and ritually sacrificing kids:

Here more on pizzagate:

That being said the thing on Arnold Schwarzenegger is interesting…..

They discovered he back when he was governor had CHP act as recruiters and private conceirge to pick up sex workers from clubs etc and bring him to his hoe-tel!

His advisor got arrested for prostitution! Bam, I love hypocrites ???‍?

More hypocrite shit:

Fucking sellebrities and the e-vile they do man. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is under mk ultra influence by some of dem Kennedys…..

I believe what he says. Dude drinks, he has no reason to make up shit. He ain’t no conspiratard. I mean why the fuck make up a story about cleaning underground tunnels for? It don’t make any sense…. I ain’t gave him money – he don’t need it!

It’s fucked up what sellebrities do!

Imma use my third eye to check up on how he is over on the other side. Hope he alright.

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