Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

Proof That G The Illuminati Uses Homeless MK Ultra Victims Against Me In Malibu

This was a setup…..

This happened right. after I published this…..

The Gangstalkers of Malibu Target Me Because They Wanna Use My Spiritual Powers

NOTE the dude in the blacked out tinted SUV across the street…..

– He was monitoring the dude. That was his handler.

This is crazy because I was talking to someone not long ago who was saying they had been seeing a prominence of G men – government agents wayyyy high up, posdibly shadow government – out here in full display recently…..

But at the end of the day when I saw the G freemason symbol on his vehicle along with the bashed up front (and he’s a nice looking guy – actually look like an LAPD officer I had a MAJOR crush on back in the day)…. I couldn’t do it.

– Damn I note that Apollo 11 sticker too and NASA – I once visited the plant on a school field trip in New Orleans and wanted to work there – figures quite prominently in MK Ultra stories…..

– This is sad, especially in light of the material linneage his family derives…..

I just couldn’t go after him cause I felt sorry for him.

You can read by his energy here that he didn’t wanna do this shit – he wanted peace but something in him was making him, influencing him to do shit…..

– His face and demeanor makes me sad…..

He tried offering me a selenite wand which brings peace…..

This makes me sad.

I notice though it’s in a triangle.

We had a great conversation sharing info about our occult know-ledge. He was telling me how two triangles intertwined inversely aka the Star of David represents using the energies of the higher realms to manifest into the lower realms, hence the term, “As above so below,” something I try to do with my third eye by manifesting in the spiritual so I can materialize things in the physical:

I also explained to him how, when I asked my third eye to show me my ancestors last time I was in jail – Eye saw reptilians looking like T rex’s wearing hoods and robes in a dark ass realm who had carved into rock a star of david symbol with symbols like a water symbol and the eye of Horus or Ra, like what I wear…..

on the outskirts with a circle encompassing it all in.

I was telling him how to get rid of these curses – we both are under heavy G aka illuminati curses – of which these are GREAT starters….

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

If You Are Facing Intranquil Spirits It’s A Sacrificial Head Curse

Sacrificial head curses make up most curses – including archon placed ones – that said you master the first two articles up above the third is a cinch if your third eye is open ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Speaking of which, while talking with him note the all seeing reptilian eye by his vehicle…..

That honest look like the eyes I draw…..

You know – from my experience – when you see the energetic imprint of somebody like that, means a person’s a God….

Saw the eye of Ra on Aarona…..

Yeah, as confirmed by my third eye that’s my energetic blueprint.

This my spot lol!

I ain’t being serious but that just…. I mean that just shows ๐Ÿ‘

I draw eyes JUST. LIKE. THAT!

Here you see the straight up number 3 intertwined with a reptilian eye as seen here…..

Crazy cause that number 3 looks like the Buddhist symbol for Ohm…..

I heard the Ohm being sung by these necromancer archon magi (magician) with the kkk hats that exist in the lower astral whom I talk about here:

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

The Occult Orgins of the KKK Burqa Outfits and the Om Chant

– This shit was straight up spiritual…..

I also saw a half circle on the steps part of his jeep…..

What I saw through my third eye was interesting. He’s being controlled, unwittingly, poor man!

I note my lil cat friend there was standing there. If look close she got a halo on her head.

She even got her own energetic blueprint here:

That’s lil Sekhmet…. she is an Egyptian God Lioness of war…..,were%20likened%20to%20her%20breath.

– A bunch of tarot readers were saying my ancestors were with me at this time…..

Another thing to regard….. look at the color of his outfit….. Blue.

That is the color of my van and same color my brother told me to use – along with the upside down triangle symbol – to ward off archons…..

The Ultimate Symbol To Defeat The Reptilians and Other Archons

Even his eyes are blue.

None of this is coincidence.

While we were talking – I don’t wanna put to much of his biz out there – he got a jewish bloodline as I do, he mentioned issues with alkie-hole – which he has defeated – and how it would cause him inexplicable loss of money as it did me (I would loss more money than what I should have), in his case brushes with prominent people but yet being stuck in poverty…..

It meshed with me!

I really wanted to connect with the dude but because of the curses – and an entity attachment I got that causes me to absorb folks’ energies (and thus their karmic burdens, bad/good energies etc.) I couldn’t.

I’m in the throes of getting rid of it though but I am not out the woods.

Even when he was about to merely write his number I could not accept as I felt the oncoming energy of his energy coming onto me.

All this brings me to my next point: I been saying – as I said in the other article yesterday – that many of the homeless out here are mk ultra and get sent to sabotage those folks especially those who are homeless who have Souls and have a major Soul mission to accomplish here.

I am not getting these visions – which have been hitting me ever more recently – for nothing:

A Very Strange Astral Vision Of Folks Who Walk In The Light Being Abducted By Reptilians In UFOs

The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

– I was getting them shits bad back in 2017 when I first started living out the Mustang…..

When I first got here I came across alot of em as noted here……

This guy here was telling me of how they had him work the tunnels underneath the gas station by the Roadhouse restaurant further up the PCH…..

Man Reveals The Existence of An Underground Tunnel Underneath The Gas Station Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger By Patrick’s Roadhouse In Malibu

This guy was telling me that they conduct illegal experiments in a blue building further up the PCH….

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

That said I been known for a looong time that many of the homeless folks here are mind controlled as I learned through an astral vision on Independence Day……

I even saw two ufos flying around me that night…..

They got some orb which I’v talked about ad nauseum here that picks em up and programs em onboard these ships…..

Orb Plans To Jail Me On It’s UFO As Shown In Astral Dream

This Shapeshifter UFO Orb GOTTA BE Some Governmental Experimental Orb

Andromedan Star Orb Watching Me

RED UFO Spotted Over Malibu and Green Orb Pops Up Again

That said, for those who aren’t familiar with mk ultra, mk ultra were a series of mind control experiments dome typically on Soulled people so as to arrest our potential to serve G aka the illuminati……

I have always sensed that they got a lil group of homeless to fuck with me which I feel this attack was an aspect of it due to the procession of homeless following right behind, celebrating his attack on me…..

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Attack of The Pale Face Crakkka White Supremacists

They seem to have a “theme” right now of sending white dudes to trigger me ever since I wrote this…..

Irrefutable Scientific Evidence That White Men Are Actually In Fact Women

LOL that shit musta triggered their asses lol…..

White Hispanic Sent By Yahweh Attacks Me

So they sent that poor guy hoping that we’d go the distance only to talk shit in common.

I know they read my shit:

The Gangstalkers of Malibu Target Me Because They Wanna Use My Spiritual Powers

They make it plain obvious.

Now, as said in yesterday’s article, alot of the homeless who came before me were MK ultra, many with powerful, powerful spiritual abilities tied up by archons of the matrix and their programs.

I sense the rich mofos here feed on them.

They could not do that to me. I am a monolith to them so they could not make sense of me so they tried to break me down…..

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

– This a gangstalker. A while back I saw him appear right after a messycanT came around…..

These two who are heroin addicts – one of whom I fucked and his brother stole my ICE shirt and stole my butane lighters one night – are ones too…..

That said as I heal shit is getting better and I notice that the gangstalking is sloughing off as my wounds heal and they have no wounds to feed on.

I am getting to a happier place where alike-hole, urges don’t control me and my own inner mind – my Soul – does.

That is why I can share my teachings with this guy now – and him with me – whereas in the past I woulda held a grudge – and put ‘woke on it ๐Ÿง™๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿช„๐Ÿฆ–๐Ÿ‘ค

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