If You Are Facing Intranquil Spirits It’s A Sacrificial Head Curse

If You Are Facing Intranquil Spirits It’s A Sacrificial Head Curse

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

How to remove em 💪🏼

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

If you are afflicted with intranquil spirit curse, it is a mass curse similar to curses you get that can be revealed through astral visions aka nightmares about zombies, insect swarms etc…..

Watch Out For A Roach Swarm Zombie Apocalypse And Sexual Deviant Dreams

It is very similar to an organic portal curse which typically manifests as swarm curses as spoken above….

Basically, from my experience as seen through my third eye, a person’s “higher self” aka archon manifestation often manifested as a giant head aka sacrificial head as seen through my third eye is placed upon a person. That is why those who impose an intranquil spirit curse can feel pushback effects where the curse they afflicted upon someone else affects them as well cause you are connecting that person to an aspect of you thus allowing energy chords to connect between the two.

This is the same for when archon “gods” are called upon – they will be personified as a giant sacrificial head that will have a bevy of an army of entities operating in them.

Surprisingly depending on the energy of the person they could be good or bad. It’s why folks will say you gotta get the person who imposed the curse on you to take it off. They are still in imposing imprint of that person’s energy upon you that will largely control your destiny and life path…..

– What you see on her head are tiny entities which is why in the physical 3D there is a spiritual importance to hair:

– So called dismissed afrocentrists been saying this…..

Brother Baba Bobby Hemmit breaks IT DOWN…..

I even saw Beelzebub in one……

I Think I Am FINALLY About To Rid Myself of Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub And How To Do It

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

That said this how you remove em: Tell your third eye to show you the chief entity influencing an event, entity, etc. to happen to you/attack you etc….

Then tell your third eye to create a frequency fence in the millions to burn said chief entity. Then ask it to show you the astral book allowing said chief entity to exist then burn that too……

Here is more info on astral books….

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

There is an astral book for everything…..

They say that intranquil spirits can’t be broken now you know that ain’t true…..

Many spiritualists don’t like to touch these curses cause they did not understand – or know – the nature of em but I do:


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