Orb Plans To Jail Me On It’s UFO As Shown In Astral Dream

Orb Plans To Jail Me On It’s UFO As Shown In Astral Dream

I noticed that when they came last night – I saw shadows outside where no one was – my light started flickering on and off repeatedly……

I saw at least with one homeless – a male heroin addict – that he was Soul scalped aka had his Soul replaced with that of a powerful un-Earthly witch (I sensed she had red hair) perhaps to help him overcome his addiction and self destructive ways.

In my case one of those “sacrificing giant heads” was removed that was causing me alot of great harm and was keeping me stuck……

I’ve talked about it before…..

– You can legit see a face in there….

This Shapeshifter UFO Orb GOTTA BE Some Governmental Experimental Orb

Andromedan Star Orb Watching Me

RED UFO Spotted Over Malibu and Green Orb Pops Up Again

UFO Spotted In Malibu November 16 2017

The other night I saw it moseying on down the sky…..

I was shown in an astral vision one time what it really is: some type of ufo in which they kidnap the local homeless and program em and they couldn’t get me cause I am protected:

– Here is a ufo piloted by archangel Thor looking aliens (Anunnaki?)….

And here is my discussing the astral vision in detail:

Basically the scene unfolded where I was in a hospital room – sterile, pristine, all white – where a gay black man and a hispanic dude were I guess monitoring me (it looked like the window you see the secretary behind in a dentist office) and there was a window. Outside the sea was blood red and I saw two what I thought were stars in the right next to the moon: one was flanking the moon at the bottom and the other aside it.

It was daytime – at first it was night then it turned day – and I noted the mysterious stars and wanted a closer look, with one on the upper right twinkling more than the other. So I produced my telescope to go see closely and then I recall an orb – a big white one – trailing down the ocean towards me but it kept going back – like it wasn’t ready to do something.

So I threw my tarot cards and asked the two gentleman behind the window to interpret their meaning……

I’ll tell you what I saw:

First card – as I just got right now – was the lovers and then I saw another that was colored in a sky blue (my color) background with a black woman wearing afro hair. I then withdrew another one showing a whole group and the hispanic guy said that they just wanna be friends and that they want a “homecoming”. The black guy said that they were “tired of my shit” and saw me as a punch line.

I then could feel my brother warning me about them but they I think snatched him up and held him captive.

Then I awoke!

That shit is really really scary to think that a ufo orb is planning on kidnapping me and quite possibly holding me indefinitely as my own cards convey.

There was an incident in Brazil called the Guarapiranga incident in which a man was kidnapped by aliens and returned – mutilated – in much the same fashion as cows who are abducted by aliens…..



Here are photos of the mutilated corpse:

Based on what I’ve seen thru my third eye they plan to imprison me for I guess blocking possession – getting possessed – by an entity they tried to insert into me and keeping me indefinitely and torture me (I saw one of those sacrificial heads made in my Soul’s image blowing some type of light or fire at me).

When I saw the alien’s visage they looked like bird people, just like this here…..

– I keep thinking I failed a mission. No wonder they see me as a punch line cause I am a failure – and cautionary tale – to them.

I might be one of them:

Myself As Proof of Aliens Amongst You

I Always Knew I Was An Alien

Tom Joyner In A Mothership and Aliens Sending Me A Warning

Photograph of Real Feline Alien Cat Lyran On Earth

Years ago when I reverse speeched a vid I made in which I said I am from Pleiades, in reverse I said: “I am from Sirius, Obama status.”

They definitely don’t plan to come in peace.

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