UFO Spotted In Malibu November 16 2017

I spotted this while looking into the nighttime sky earlier:

I even noticed something here (tho. it coulda been an airplane or something):

This was taken of what I believe to be a gangstalker (the suv in black which is typical of what undercovers drive)!

Here is another pic that focuses in that direction – the one you saw earlier:

Here are the videos I did showing this…

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Alot of weird shit goes down in Malibu. The Mitrice Richardson case in which she got summoned for a ritual sacrifice by beings like this (AND people wearing those robes):

– I have actually seen 15 ft entities that looked like that while my third eye was open in the astral (they are actually magician-grim reaper types) AND they wear those hats which the kkk wears which lets me know they KKK is more of an occult coven (hence why they hung blacks which was for our powerful melanin in sacrificial rituals to the same beings – as what happened to Mitrice Richardson – above)!

…Amyways, you can read her story, here: https://toplessinla.org/2014/08/28/what-happened-to-mitrice-richardson/

There are milab/alien bases out here (of which those hooded beings pictured above are apart) and alot of strange, magikal occult things that go down here (hence why celebs are out here):

And here…

Alot of weird things go down here, of which I probably saw tonight (Mighta been even a portal)!

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