How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

Those lines are EXACTLY what I saw while high on lsd one time…..

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I learned this – on my own – while I was in jail.

It kept me stimulated all throughout a duration of unstimulation and helped me explore a whole “new” world that was inside me after all…..

Playing with INNER frequencies is like being high on lsd. You see the same shit you do while you are lsd.

You might as well not do drugs (or alcohol) after hearing what I got to say!

That said, for a long time I tried to figure out why I could not see clearly thru my third eye and the key is frequency.

The higher the frequency, the more vivid the images you’ll see in your third eye…..

Higher frequencies also repels organic portals. Most of them operate on frequency level 17. I was operating at 23 or 26. I significantly raised my frequency so that it will repel them.


33 is supposedly the highest level of enlightenment a human can attain according to freemasonry.

Truth is is that the number 33 is really the start of when physical matter breaks apart in terms of frequencies.

When you see frequency – I realise I have been seeing them my whole life – they look like literally rainbow coloured strings. When you see the ones that comprises the 3D realm they look like the fuzzy multicoloured static you used to see when looking at analog tv:

However they are more dispersed from each other.

Lower frequencies are darker and more concentrated together and can turn into roaches or something else dark and low vibratory. They move like locusts, too. I believe they comprise shadow people and other shadow entities…..

Vibrations look like white and black (negative, dark matter) strings…..

At the higher levels they look like the literal physical emanation of music, similar to what I drew here:

It is probably where the way sheet music looks like comes from…..

Also when you see thru your third eye at the higher frequency levels what you will see will look like this…..

It is because from the perspective of higher frequencies you are seeing the start of the composition of reality….. Those are God Creator level frequencies and you can make things from those levels…..

Everything is frequency. My ancient Khemetian (Egyptian) ancestors knew this. It was how the pyramids and other physically “impossible” buildings were built back in the day, via manipulation of frequency. A man in Florida uses this advanced ancient inner tech to build coral castle in Florida which defies explanation as to how it was built to this day…..

Again, just tell your third eye to play whatever frequency and/or have your body vibrate, be composed of it 👍🏻👁🎼

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