Organic Portals Losing Their Minds As They Lose Me As A Food Source

Organic Portals Losing Their Minds As They Lose Me As A Food Source

There’s something I wanna talk about – an egregious wrong that I am dying to get out that happened a week ago, styming my ability to update my posts etc.

Imma talk about that tomorrow.

What happened to me is wrong.

That said, these vids were taken last week before I was taken to jail for an unjustified slight at the hands of a racist pos who took advantage to the fullest extent of his white privilege to jail a young black woman whom his racist ass deliberately provoked into a fucked up situation.

That said, while in jail I took advantage of the solitude and lack of distractions to go into my inner world – in peace – and meditate to get to the bottom of the fucked up shit occuring in my life and I strongly believe that alot of this shit is happening cause, as seen thru an inner vision via my third eye, I got very powerful – and very nefarious – reptilians in my bloodline.

They looked like t-rex’s wearing black hooded robes with red outlines on the cuffs and base of the hood and they drew a symbol analogous to the “star of david”, with these other symbols, including something representing water and the eye of horus, outside the triangles. The symbols were encased in a circle.

I saw that for my 18th birthday the reptilians had “gifted” me a giant sacrificial head that looks like me now.

That said, knowing this connection, I went ahead and burned the astral book that connected me to them as blood. I saw that it was thru some weird union with mermaid from way back when that poisoned by bloodline, cursed it with them.

It makes sense why my eyes shapeshift and why my face was distorting last week…..

It makes sense how, as soon as I turned 18, I could no longer eat fruits or vegetables, literally only meat and had a “deadness”, a disconnect from my inner self for a long long time.

Being of a reptilian bloodline is a curse.

That said, here are the distractions I got while trying to remove entities living in me that aren’t me last week….

This guy looked like Ricky Martin:

Tell me I’m lying……

This mofo here who was sexually harassing me with Veritiv had a squidward reptilian operating as his spirit…..

He looks dusty, drained and demonic…..

This wetback mofo who’s license plate is Montana license plate number DFR188 – weird number pattern – called me a nigger while parking there to lust after me when I tried to not give these gangstalkers any energy…..

They even sent broads……

….And this fucking demon with the city had to park right behind me……

Now, I want you all to see the significance of this as can be seen here……

….From a distance, that looked like a tornado till it revealed itself further.

That looks like a penis, don’t it? A penis with a missile being shot towards it’s hole……

The penis represents a psychic attack. The missile being launched at it represents the attack coming to a halt. I asked my third eye to clarify and I saw people caked in negative energy chasing after me. I was fighting while running from then till I fell off a cliff. I then got back up and thru my own energy was able to stop the attack. The missile represented my using my own energy to stop the invasion of thirsty mofos for Soul energy.

See, as with the reptilians organic portals attack at the sacral chakra which stores your sexual energy, THE most powerful energy in your chakra system which is why demiURGE war-shipping mass mind control re-ligions like Islam and Hypo-christianity are quick to want you to suppress it. That penis represented a psychic attack meant to be sexual – a sexualised weapon – meant to drain me of energy. Soulled women, like me, get hit with this esp. thru spiritually forced prostitution where we are unwittingly paired with organic portals so we can get reinfested with entity parasites, attachments as well as suffer energy drain which is why if you gotta do it protect your energy.

Guy I was with – while asleep – had an evil sadistic entity I been fighting with take over and say to me, “Why won’t you give me any energy” cause I shielded my energy from him.

That said, the GORGEOUS thing about being in jail is I learned about toying with inner frequencies and I set my inner frequency to where my energy instantly repels – and pisses off – mofos now so I don’t have to fight so much:

Another thing too that I noticed is changing is how I see – and treat – organic portals.

I have nothing but contempt for them. I look down upon them. I don’t even see them as people (how can you be a person when you don’t even have a Soul.).

That said, because of how I see them – this is why it is important to see things spiritually rather than thru the prism of mundane physical eyes 👁👁👁 – the shit they do, say, doesn’t phase me like it used to cause I overstand that it is coming from something more powerful then them, controlling them, but not as powerful as me.

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