Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To


Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Let me tell you the sequence of events that I experienced in the astral last week…..

Ever since breaking free of the false twin flame archonic deception as spoken here:

Twin Flames Are Archon Saboteurs Meant To Keep Soulled People Down And How To Break Free of Them

I teach you the definitive way I know how here…..

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

…..I have been getting HIT with spiritual attack after spiritual attack, including via organic portals…..

When sleeping with a friend – an organic portal – he starts saying, “Why can’t I feed off of you anymore. Why can’t I feed off of you? I need your energy…..”

Last week, in the astralscape, once I broke free of that fake archonic twin flame, I entered the astralscape where I encountered ATTACK AFTER ATTACK AFTER ATTACK!

I was in my childhood bedroom when I saw evil shit coming up out the woodwork – shadow people, etc. – to attack.

I even saw a nigga I ‘woked come at me in a zombified way, begging for energy.

I defeat EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I kick his black light skinned Ray Nagin looking ass out the front door then, when I float out, I see this thing that looks like Chris Farley wearing old timey stereotypical “mama” nightgown, which was aky blue with lil cartoon-y characters on it, greet me. I felt he was being sent to be my new “spirit guide” – watch out for that cause it is a matrix deception – and I told him, “No deal.” I don’t need him. I don’t.

The next night, I am finally able to astral project after removing the individualised astral books for various entities, including what I call “sacrificial heads” who are meant and designed as matrix artifices to keep you trapped here, including blocking your ability to astral project.

I was shapeshifting into this young white man who is gay. I then remember seeing some folks I know in real life, including this broad here who look like a zombie, literally like the Exorcist:

Meth Mouth Prostitute Reveals She Is A Satanist And Is Proud To Be Possessed

Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

…..And she was sitting in a chair with someone else who tried to put witchcraft on me but I blocked it and she said, “You may wanna watch out.”

Behind me were cave walls. I saw a rune spelling “RE” with the E attached and latched on to the bottom of the “R”. It was written on the wall and being held in the hand of this white bitch wearing black robes with blonde hair. I then saw this “Emperor Palpatine” looking robed bitch who had once used my spiritually induced alcohol urges to lure me to my brother so he could kidnap him…..

What they did was binded me. These same mofos who attacked other people – including my brother – without permission then went to “free” mofos and put the shit they put on others without my permission unto me.

I also that Exorcist looking broad up there also tried to cast a spell – a dark one – onto the Lost Hills sheriffs to make them agreeable to the homeless since they been running us out.

Explains why she been parked at Vons for so long lol:

– I overheard the CHP officer one day talking with a forest ranger about her violent dog…..

She moved back the day I had that Emperor Palpatine visition…. I qonder why they let her stay?

The feeling I got was that this was some astral coven with that Palpatine fucker sucking up other folks’ energies who, somehow, I’m or at least was in a deal with.

I saw them attack other folks, including meth mouth. I also got the energy that they are a white supremacist type coven, hence the runes which are nordic.

I think that I INADVERTENTLY was forced into some deal when dabbling with satanism and, with the reptilians being master deceivers…..

I talk about the first person in the past who the reptilians – again without my permission – ‘woked was here:

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I been saying other shit would come and manipulate my ‘wokes – the realisation just came to me that it is thru the possession I been talking about, with the etheric entity attachments being lodged in my chakras, esp. the crown and so forth.

I awoke feeling TIRED, FATIGUED! I saw thru my third eye that they had me caught in some web by a giant sacrificial head where I was in it and still am, but without the dark chords.

That mofo sacrificial head has been HARD and extremely tricky to get rid of but as I work on myself it’s oppressive scheme has been wanning.

The next night I had an astral vision as I call em where I was in the midst of a zombie attack with what I sensed a rich white SOULLED dude and a few others were trying to flee. I then sensed someone was sending a curse my dad’s way in the form of a hurricane, which my dad said, “Oh that ain’t shit. We survived em” which is true in real life but then the glass in the room was shattered.

Someone, something was trying to have him ran over by a bus or van in waking life.

I tell ya, when you try, start to effectively break free of these mofos – they are VI-CIOUS in trying to do EVERYTHING in their matrix, archon false powers to hold you down…..

In addition to that I experienced A FLURRY off attacks from organic portals……

The guy here has a Soul, but he is a LOST Soul who works as a gangstalker. He has helped me astrally but it don’t change what he do despite his Higer Self knowing better…..

He brought some WEIRD energy around which I did not like……

Before he came, some organic portals who you can see staring at me whom I effectively ran out – came around I believe due to that astral attack:

And before that this methhead in the former fire truck came around….

This guy here, he look like the dude from “Dumb and Dumber” – I don’t like this mofo:

He came around after they left. THEY LEFT I SENSE because of that Emperor Palpatine vision.

And this dude mentioned here…..

An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

Well, that ‘woke worked lol!

Imma be honest, I don’t see anybody else in that SUV but I HAVE HEARD with my own literal ears and once SEEN a woman in there, a young latin lady. I SWEAR UP AND DOWN!

That’s why I say many of these people – including me – are haunted by shit but I take action – and this time where I’m at – to expel it.

I had this FAKE Khazar jew park behind me the next night……

The next day was – talk about psychic attack via organic portals…..

The burgundy car that witnessed my rape at the hands of them public works workers passed by and I chased him out lol……

And these mofos in the Maserati CA license plate number 7SJA725 tried to run me over……

I’m gonna say this right now and SHOW this tomorrow: I see a cycle! When I try to get better, they send the organic portals to act as gnats, like an army of gnats, to throw my attention off so, like a cat to a mouse, I start chasing them and not seeing the bigger picture.

I am also realizing they had etheric chords tied IN ME – including in my central nervous system and brain – so they can manipulate me emotionally to compel me thru shock waves they send to do shit that I know is not in my highest interest, like chasing these mofos who are nothing more than robots, dumb robots at the end of the day.

That’s some sadistic shit.

For much of the day – unless a mofo directly parked behind me – I chilled.

I will say this too: I noticed that when I meditated and closed my energy off to these organic portals by not emotionally acknowledging them (which comes with developing an INNERSTANDING of what these things are) – they took off.

A Cuban shaman told me of a Japanese man who got HAUNTED as I do by these robotoids who – when he meditated or played 6000 hz frequency – they DISPERSED like roaches.

I saw one SCURRYING when I opened my eyes after meditating to remove these entity attachments after a while.

They don’t do this cause I am shirtless, female or black. IT’S ENERGY that they are yearning after. Like the archons they want our energy and though they look human they should not be treated as us Soulled people.

That’s why I don’t talk to em and if they try to initiate conversation I give them the killer stare or I get violent. I have no tolerance for them. Zero tolerance.

I think they should be killed.

That said it is ruthless and sadistic how these archons set up programs in us that manipulate us. That is why I could not just simply ignore the alcohol urges that would get purged upon me. How could you ignore a surge of electricity being shot into your central nervous system and your brain just as we are hardwired to work.

It is natural for urges aka the demi-URGE to work like that so how can you combat the enemy that is working within you, to compromise you?

These programs usually will operate on the right side of the brain.

Now for a long time I been noticed that negative shit enters the right side of my body and I know why: I believe my inner child is there.

There is a deep pain that is there from childhood and quite possibly many past lives back – last night I was shown I was a wealthy young kid in ancient Rome whom, when I turned 18, just got kicked out the home and told to make it on my own and I was forced to become a Roman soldier to get food and shelter.

I believe that and other traumas stored there is what is attracting all these low vibrational bottom feeders in the form of organic portals and archons who hook up to and feed off that hurt aspect of me.

It makes a lot of sense knowing that alot of possession took place on the right side. There is a hurt lil girl there and I felt her – the pain of rejection – when meditating today.

Alot of us Soulled people (just got tinnitus in my right ear as positive confirmation – just got it again) who attract these low vibrational bottom feeders have suffered pain and trauma from this life and past lives, usually archon orchestrated (just got tinnitus in my left ear confirming this to be true).

I don’t get fucked with as much cause I have healed a whole lot. When you start to heal the archon programs are easier to detach and some will whither cause they’ll have nothing to feed on. The more powerful ones will try to block your healing but you gotta be keen to that – recognise when something is NOT your inner voice such as the giant sacrificial head I awoke to one morning giving CLEAR inner directions which can be right but are designed to block out your intuition.

Most of all, develop an inner-standing so as to NOT take these dumbed down organic portals seriously and thus emotionally and energetically let them in. Alot of pain starts cause we mistakenly equalize them to being like us. When you heal, it’s like you become a rock and they can’t pentrate you unlike when you ars unhealed and leaking all over the place, thus ungrounded. HEAL and you will see a WORLD of difference. They will NATURALLY respect your energy and leave you the fuck alone, as they should.

That said, before I end this, I had a compelling astral vision last night. I was on the college campus at the library at the old school I attended, UNO. I came across two folks with alcohol issues I know in waking life. The lady brushed up against which as seen thru my third eye is symbolic for her trying to pull me into her misery (she GOES THRU HUUGE bottles of vodka EVERY. DAY.) and her alcoholic boyfriend who is an enabler.

I shook his hand and said, “I got to ascend. Bye.”

I was then in my old childhood home where I was taking a bath and saw folks from the child volleyball game trying to peep in but would flee in a sec. I was able to wash off most of my body but not my crown.

I work to do which is what that meant, esp. on the crown which is not fully cleansed.

Before that – when removing a sacrificial head – I experienced what is feels to be detached from the matrix for a fleeting moment and it is heaven. I wanna go back.

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