The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

The True Christ Will Be The Antichrist

When I woke up this morning, I heard this……

It’s no coincidence that I had this “dream” aka astral vision…..

I heard that song from “The Devil’s Advocate” play when I awoke…..

I also saw this subliminal when I saw “recommended” Youtube videos…..

Note the viking advertisement in the video and how it alludes to one of my past lives as seen in that astral vision…..

Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

This perfectly explains why I had white supremacists – as part of some satanic astral cult – protect me then turn away from me as I tried to break free as explained here…..

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To



I mean, how can they call themselves walking the way of Yashuah, yet do this while living in what are literally palaces, tax free…..

That’s Pharisee shit, hypochristian shite…..

They are the same mofos I encountered, putting curses on me so I won’t deliver the messages such as I deliver in my blog, like here…..

NOTE that shadow behind me…. I explained it in the video I did above…..

– That’s the shadow entity meant to knock me down…..

BTW the demiURGE aka Quetzalcoatl is whom HYPO Christians, muslims and anybody else war-shipping an external “god” war-ships…..

The true savior, as outlined by this Native American man here, will be Isis, a womban…..

I saw this years ago…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

– Damn, I was right!

The mark of the beast – as seen through my third eye from that astral vision – is for these organic portals, archons, the children of the demiURGE to maintain power and control over us Soulled people via a false image……

– Whoa….. I just talked shit to a guy – and a white female public works worker, saying I was gonna put her on the hoe stroll – who has the pentagram – I saw the satanic/baphomet sigil, the upside down star – on his tires…..

You know, it’s funny. Going back a coupla years back….. a friend of mine whose ear was to higher ups told me that folks at city hall watch the social media of certain people and how, every time they try to make a move on me, something bad happens to them like losing a family member, reminiscient of The Omen……

– Look closely they drop hints in these movies to come. He wasn’t the bad guy. He just turned “bad” cause of how folks treated him, as the female saviour did almost in the 5th Element:

Damn, what I saw in the past is all making sense now…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

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