Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

Makes sense why Thor appeared to me….

Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

Thor Does Not Want White Supremacists Worshipping Him

– I don’t think this is a good enough picture but at certain angles and in certain lighting you can see a resemblance in the perpetually as I call it “rollover lolly eyes” and other facial constructs….


– Too many fucking similarities….

It makes sense.

I am not gonna lie, ever since I was a kid I have always had serial killer tendencies. As a child I would take my Barbie dolls (named after a Nazi interestingly) and pretend that they were innocent fairies – which sexually got me off due to their vulnerability – then rape them!

Even to this day I got sick ass tendencies, desires, fantasies to kidnap and torture and kill those who have wronged me and get off on the domination factor of having complete control over them, esp. men and especially those who have wronged me.

Like this one here:


– I actually saw thru my third eye he was gonna come back around (I was secretly hoping he would 🥊✏🗡🩸) and try to fight me and I saw myself laying him out and I had a fantasy of at least cutting his dick while he is down on the ground and incapacitated and causing him irrevocable pain down there.

It’s funny cause in college a dude named Nathan, who is the son of psychologists, was saying I was a closet serial killer.

It makes sense that as a youth why, while in high school and seeking solace from the unbearable pain of my existence there I was drawn to Adolf Hitler and WW II. I had a crush on Heinreich Himmler Рthe leader in charge of the Gestapo (just writing this has me gloating and bathing in fond nostalgic memories), Reinhard Heydrich and I think at one time Hermann G̦ring. As a kid I used to VORACIOUSLY look up Nazi films.

I cried when watching this as – now I know – it brought back for me fond memories of my past life as an SS commander or as they say in Germany, Commadant:

– My favourite was how EVERYBODY – from white to black and arabic – greeted Hitler lovingly. That was such a beautiful scene. It is exactly how I would greet Mein Fürher in modern day 🤚🏻


– The actor who look like him looked GOODT!

I used to wannabe like Hitler: I in part got into Satanism cause I wanted to rule the world. I wanted to be the Antichrist (now I know it has a different purpose), throw people, esp. wetbacks, and anybody who pissed me off in concentration camps and kill a whole lotta people and go down, proudly, in history for it, just like Hitler.

Things didn’t turn that way. That said, I can live out my killing desires and tendencies vicariously thru black magic.

I’ve killed people with it…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

….sent people to mental hospitals instead of concentration camps so yeah, I’ve fucked up people and had power over them but in a way that allowed me to fuck them up without my going to lockup 👮🏻🚓⛓

I put ‘wokes on dicks too witch 🧙🏻‍♀️✏🩸🗡 which is how I satiate my desire and fantasy to cut a dick off without my actually doing it.

I offer my patented service here:

…..It is thru black magic (thanks to my bloodline) that I am able to fuck people up safely, securely, and sanely without ever having to worry about going to jail or facing the Nuremberg trials as my past life self did…..

Here is what I saw in the astral:

While “dreaming” or astral sightseeing as I call it I went thru a series of events – I was in my childhood backyard pool with lights strung up to resemble my van – when, all of a sudden and out the blue, I was shown a scene of a German woman admist rubble. At first I thought she was a regular citizen and I got the sense she died in 1945 (my dad was born a year later interestingly in 1946) and when I awoke I asked my third eye for more clarification….

I was shown an image of a woman wearing this garb here:


– And I saw myself pointing a gun and running from something and I took my SS clothes off and underneath was regular clothing.

When I asked my third eye to show me what I did, I was shown me grabbing a woman by the hair and putting her under a shower and watching as her face melted off.

As shown thru my black magick even to this day I got a sadistic streak such as when I laughed in this man’s face after finding out his ma died a day after I cursed him…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

– My favourite saying to my enemies when I destroy them is: “This is as close to killing you as I can get! Be happy I ain’t doing the real thing.”

I asked my third eye was I a fake Khazar Jew masquerading as a white German and and then I was shown a German woman in Gestapo uniform and I was holding a christian cross (iron cross?) with a death’s head ☠ that then turned into a jeWISH badge which I then pinned on a fake Khazar jeWISH.

I then asked for my name in that past life and this popped up:


Explains alot about me. Explains alot….

That said, that is why past life journeying is important. People be wondering why they got “irrational” fears of esp. innocuous things like water and shit can usually be found in a fucked up past life.

My “white supremacist” side, my ability to understand whites on a consciousness level, think like them, be attracted to em (and interestingly they usually got a weird unorthodox off but in control quirky personality like Gary Busey ir the character that James Spade portrayed in the film, “3 Days In The Valley”) with sorta bisexual tendencies, a superiority complex (hence why I hate wetbacks in part) and an inclination to discretely wanna kill can be all traced back to this past life.

She was also bullied just like me.

Now that I think about it it explains why white supremacists of all folks came to my rescue against a white bitch methhead who was caping for wetbacks after I put da ‘work on her one night…..

That’s why more people need to get in tuned with their spiritual side cause as I all too well know it can affect the physical as well.

– Crazy thing is tho I ALWAYS had respect for the jews and my great great grandmother German AshkeNAZI JeWISH…..

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