How To Take Your Consciousness Back From Mind Hijackers

How To Take Your Consciousness Back From Mind Hijackers

From what I am understanding Barbara is swapping her whole Soul for others so you think you are battling her when you are battling her victims so beware.

That Barbara Reina white supremacist broad is dumb. After she had infused her consciousness and Soul piece (now they are saying whole Soul as inferred by what the astral parasites are saying) with mine, I started to get a taste of white privilege and folks were nicer to me than usual. Meanwhile folks were treating her like shit from what I heard in the spirit realm due to my “black privilege”.

As you can see here – esp. those with spiritual eyes – I kinda started to look like her with her looks superimposed on my face:

These mofos are stupid!

That said, if you find yourself in this predicament, what you can do is:

Use reiki to take out the consciousness that is not yours.

On the upper right hand side of your face is the doorway to your consciousness here:

That said when someone enters your consciousness from there you will feel no control over there, similar to a paralysis victim.

That said, use reiki – you should feel static in your hands and if not (they have tried blocking this numerous times) – and follow your intuition (it is good to connect to a higher power or God or your Higher Self) – to remove the invading consciousness.

These assholes will try to incorporate their memories (in their case they have removed my whole Soul which Barbara wants cause it – as well as my dna – has my pact with God which she covets since she doesn’t wanna go to hell for all the evil shit she has done – including using mind hijacking to torment for a week – then kill – a schizophrenic 12 year old boy for not saying “hi”) to throw you off.

Simply say you wanna teleport your memories back to you and theirs out of you. It helps if your third eye and crown chakra are open, even partially.

Also – and this is important – make sure to regenerate your Soul pieces, especially your whole Soul pieces which houses your consciousness, etc. when this happens.

Also, your heart chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra and the solar plexus chakra which is at the top of your body also controls your consciousness – especially your heart chakra. Again cup your hands on said chakras and say you wanna remove such and such’s consciousness, dna etc from those areas.

Another thing remove their larnyx from your throat chakra. The larnyx is the seat to your Soul (I hear them now claiming that they removed my whole Soul and I think they got it back). Say that you wanna remove such and such larnyx.

I will say from my experience the larnyx – the spiritual one – is a powerful tool for changing realities, one they don’t talk ahout in the lamestream. When I tried to change larnyxs with a parallel self, I felt myself become fat and take on the consciousness of my alter self.

If you wanna become rich taking this on helps. The person who tried to enter and commandere my consciousness early this morning – Michael O’ Terry or Michael O’ Terrance, is rich, white and lives in a multi million dollar two story mansion in Malibu.

You can change your life and get folks talents and lives that way!


* Another tip – if you ever so face them, burn the astral books allowing them to have any Soul pieces, whole Soul pieces. Lack of Soul pieces weakens them. Good luck!

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

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