Western World Needs To Learn To Take The Spirit World Seriously

Western World Needs To Learn To Take The Spirit World Seriously

Look, a black cat appeared out of nowhere when I was walking out where I’m at to make a video. From what I am hearing the spirits say, it was to send a message but because my third eye is fucked up by Gooru and Barbara Reina, I don’t know:

Look. While in jail them women on abilify, seroquel were STILL seeing THE SAME shit that thankfully I can ONLY see through my third eye.

They needed shamans; not medicine.

Also while there I saw the same spirits fucking with me – Barbara Reina and David Reina and the shit they sent – stealing Soul pieces off the ladies there.

They even talked about snatching my bunk mate’s Soul but I stopped it! I also saw Santa Muerte I believe who was sent to protect her snatch Soul pieces off of her.

Soul pieces get refilled though if it is not your time as explained to me while interacting with the spirit world.

That said – it’s confirmed; they snatched my parent’s Souls:

My mom like I talks like a white woman. You can hear here. This was from a year ago:

Now, here this long drawn out Southern drawl accent:

Them basturds while I was in jail were talking about placing my parents in a roach motel where giant roaches eat people. I even heard my parents’ interactions with Michael O’Terry and a deputy at the Lost Hills sheriffs station (their astral counterparts) nicknamed Deputy David Duke where my dad went to purchase a Soul piece of myself’s release from Michael. Also my brother Bryan is currently locked in Rosie’s Roach motel hell. Rosie was another victim of the Reinas who was a makeup guru then got attacked by the Reinas and forced into a Soul contract, which they subsequently killed her soon after. Her Soul piece – not her whole Soul – which runs the motel was turned into a roach just as they were planning on doing to me and my parents.

Look at my mom’s texts from a few months ago:

Look at em yesterday after them astral basturds threatened to place them in hell and said they would:

The incoherent child like texting – that ain’t my ma!

It is possible for your Soul to be out your body and in hell and you not in a coma or dead. This happened to me after Baron Samedi took my Soul and had it in hell for years, causing me to be intranquil. It was a whole Soul piece, but in my parents’ cases it is their whole Souls.

Also in your astral DNA activate the 7th dna which is your “spirit world” dna. 6th dna is how you see ghost in real time – as real as you and I as well as feel them. 5th dna has you seeing em out the corner of your eye. 4th dna allows you to smell them – and to a degree put smells on you. 56th dna activates it!

This is why – the real reason why – so many “schizophrenics” be on the streets!

* This bitch Barbara Reina just astrally projected to me and put an attachment in me to make me sound like her and worse cause I just exposed what she is doing to my parents!

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