How To Fight Off Mind Hijackers

How To Fight Off Mind Hijackers

I wanna add that you will feel and have eye twitches. That is a sign something is trying to take over your body, possess you.

I wanna mention that when I hear Barbara speak – when I throw back at her her trauma after she taunts me, she goes into a catatonic state where she stays stuck on the memory of her childhood abuse. She was sex trafficked as a child. She has a block by her eye – same area she targets on me to put entity attachments – that is like a curtain to block that memory.

Someone needs healing.

It still continues, this war with them:

The Root Cause of What Is Going On: I Was Made A Sacrifice All My Life

A war I did not want or ask for.

That said they are talking about how they took my parents and brothers – including my brother Kristen who is real nice – out their bodies and put in entity attachments made to look like their whole Souls using their Soul pieces filled with entity attachments to make it look like my people’s Souls.

These racist, white supremacist mofos (Barbara tends to don nazi attire and consort nazis in the astral) just know no ends.

She has even made up a whole world in the astral plane where she calls blacks roaches and has us deriving from a whole race of them. I recall one entity she made up who she called a roach say, “You hate black people?”

They – mainly that racist Native American Michael O’ Terry or O’ Terrance, kept telling me not to use palo mayombe, an Afrikan spiritual system from which reiki derives, while using it against me.

It’s crazy cause this bitch is trying to turn me – a grown ass 39 year old black woman – into a little blonde haired blue eyed white girl in the astral by turning my astral self – my Soul – into that (now they trying to turn my Soul into a roach cause I been fighting they ass and that is how they see black people)!

Say, looka this – if you don’t think possession is real, I don’t know what will make you!

Peep this:

Note how sharp my features are when I had Gooru aka David Reina’s consciousness in me:

Note how square my jaw is after I removed it (I believe this is Barbara Reina’s consciousness as she has a square face):

She even replaced my breast mark which was a long strand of hair that Satan had replaced with hers, marking me as hers as if I am a slave. I saw that her and Gooru aka David Reina made me and my brothers slaves to them in the astral. This white bitch is trying to become a God off my black, melenated energy. I also heard in the ether that she plans on going after many more blacks so she could become a God off our energy!

I also was told that Gooru aka David Reina likes to go after and control powerful, strong black women. I also heard Baron Samedi don’t like that shit!

Also, my mom sounds different. I was right!

How To Fight Off Mind Hijackers

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