God Is Actually An Archon Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

That is why all the religions that war-ship god are insufferably patriarchal and unequal, not to mention womban-hating nature.

The Real Reason Why The Patriarchy Exists

It hates that Divine Spark of Aeon Sophia in us, the Divine Feminine = our Souls…..

Makes sense why I kept suffering dick curses…..

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

Just saw this recently when gangstalking a gangstalker……

It all makes sense……

When I saw god it looked to be made of flies which reminded me of how in the buy-bull it stated that “jesus” used Beelzebub’s power to banish demons……

Beelzebub is an ars goetia demon who controls insects.

THAT is what you are war-shipping when you war-ship “god”:


As said in the video above – let me break down that I extrapolate that Yaldabaoth, the demiurge and god are separate entities reminiscient of how in Santeria they got 3 separate “emanations of god” which are Olodumare, Olofi, or Olorun.

– Why they got a crakkka representing Santeria, a religion that derives from black African derived palo mayombe?

When you ruminate on it further, the “holy” – meaning they need to create holes in you to attach to you as god did to me – trinity is practically Yaldabaoth, the demiurge and god, three separate entities!

Break Free of The Matrix By Removing Your Chakras

Let me explain how god works and what happened to me when I burned the books – and astral chords – to set myself free from it!

I had been trying with alot of obstacles to find out what is on the right side of my body, controlling me!

I used my third eye to see the entity that is causing the alcohol urges (as in demiURGE) and saw the word “god” and then I saw a giant sacrificial head that looks like this:

It has been on me since I incarnated in this body and was the cause of said alcohol urges as it moved from my crown chakra to the right side of my face and body in 2014, hence this…..

Evil Entity Physically Places Implant On The Right Side of My Face

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

The eye of Re is uncontrollable because that is god controlling you. As the bible shows that mofo is a jealous, controlling “god” and it shows….

– Sacrificial heads are btw control devices of Yaldabaoth. My third eye showed “teacher” aka controller and when I asked what they are and I asked to see their astral book and it showed me the number 8 followed by a reptilian. So I burned the book:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

This how it looks.

That said I set about disconnecting it’s etheric chords from out of me and I could physically feel it being removed from my body.

This is the entity that was responsible for misguiding my thoughts, my intuition and allowing me to be energy food for these demons in Malibu!

In addition to being controlling, it was placing a patriarchal control that is in conflict with my Soul’s interest.

To get rid of it I burned astral books relating to anything pertaining to god being in me, around me!

It is a total control device used against us folks with Souls.

This explains why here this man points out that our dna spells god meaning god is in us, controlling us (or else we are god)……

It’s why the buy-bull said this bull…..

– It makes sense.

It’s a festering parasite in us!

This is why I would receive messages from organic portals like this saying I can’t fight him, discouraging me…..

It is also the spirit dwelling in organic portals, hence why they been always able to connect to me and other Soulled folks!

You gotta disconnect from it!

It is usually the opposite as many folks told me that they will feel a possession taking place on the right side as broken down here……

From my empirical experience “god” will take over the right side so it can push out your Soul on the left.

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

That said ask your third eye to show you the astral book that is allowing god to be in you, control you etc. and use a frequency fence with a hertz in the millions made of fire to erase it.

You will feel a difference.

I am not done yet but I am near.

I want ya’ll to keep in mind that this is the “god” that christians, muslims, all folks who war-ship patriarchal based re-ligions war-ship, including G the illuminati and freemasonry.

To prove my point this guy even says god is in us 🤔

Either it is saying we are god or god is literally festering in us, the point I made in this blog!

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