Break Free of The Matrix By Removing Your Chakras

Break Free of The Matrix By Removing Your Chakras

What I saw through my third eye regarding the chakra matrix system reminded me of this from The Matrix…..

That is EXACTLY what I saw when I commenced removal of my chakra system.

I noticed that as I healed, more and more entities would gang up on me.

I then felt compelled to look up crown chakra removal and then I came across this brilliant – and cute 😘👱🏻‍♂️ – Soulled man I haven’t watched in a while who was talking about this very subject….

His name is Tony Sayers and he is one of the few who were allowed to stay on Youtube (the rest are archon-Youtube placed IN-plants like this fool here):

It’s MORGUE OFFICIAL: If Youtube Is Putting Them On And They Are Starting A Call Dass An Agent

…..That said, as I removed em by telling my third eye to displace them, I NOTICED the difference right away with my energy body becoming more aligned as I removed em (when you remove em you’ll notice how out of alignment they had your energy body before).

Think about it, they look like suckers attached to tentacles which is exactly what I saw when I told my third eye to remove them: Tell your third eye to have your chakras removed from your physical body, your etheric body, your Soul and your astral body.

Once you are done with that, you are not out of the woods……

You gotta get out that whole system which, as seen above, is chokefull of entity attachments and their tentacles (they’ll often have a ghoulish, demonic or reptilian head at the end depending on what’s controlling it).

Ask your third eye to call upon beings made of a ludicrous frequency like in the millions that are gigantic to pull you out.

Then asked to be sent to E which is like a heavenly realm, but I think you gotta be cleansed.

That said, you are not out of the woods yet…..

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To

Fighting Off Archon Possession

Remember this guy…..

Alright this “guy’s” name as apparently gleaned from my third eye is Goroo. That is why all them Hindu fakes call themselves “Guru”……

This nigga here name is Sathya Sai Baba, who was accused of raping kids…..

This dude here is Ninthyanada or something who was accused of grooming and raping women:

Here the video evidence:

He even went as far as to find a whole island – for himself, much like a Jonestown – so he can do whatever the fuck he wants…..

Look, anybody (mainly organic portals) who look to another person as a God deserve what they get!

That said, a Goroo (from what I saw through my third eye there are 72 of em) are these extremely powerful (as far as the matrix is concerned) district rulers who will monitor certain folks and place heavy, heavy material burdens on em.

As in my case, the Goroo has two chords attached to me: one in the back of my head and another around the ear.

He will usually attach chords to areas where extreme traumatic damage was done so that he can greatly control the victim and keep them from breaking free.

I have tried cutting, breaking the chords futilely and, depressingly, to no avail…..

I did not post anything yesterday cause I focused on doing inner work to break free of this matrix and so far I have done alot.

I feel like due to the major energy chords attached to me by goroo I am being manipulated into wanting to fall asleep and want to give up when it comes to healing inner wounds that could possibly cut those chords.

Damn based on my third eye I am getting a 0 symbol with a – in the middle meaning empty set, since 0, since I was born…..

I didn’t stand a chance.

That said, I am gonna work on ways to break free without dying or war-shipping something, which my third eye is saying is necessary to cut his ass off!

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