Energy Vampires Don’t Fuck With Me

Energy Vampires Don’t Fuck With Me: Case Study Scott Merath

Here ALLL his dox….. I’m seeing the name “Seth” though….

Apparently he got a wife named Marci at:

[email protected]

Though I saw southeast asian through my third eye, feeling entitled to my energy is exactly something a crakkka (and wetback) would do like here….

White Hispanic Sent By Yahweh Attacks Me

Assholes who do this shit are exactly what I was talking about here:

Never Take A Curse Off Someone

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

– I get a STRONG obsessed narcisstic vibe off this motherfucker.

I get email notifications on Etsy letting me know when someone done purchased something.

As I learned in escorting time wasters will just wanna talk but unlike escorting where you gotta talk (but you can still tell a timewaster) with my Etsy you will buy before contacting me so I don’t know what this idiot weirdo was thinking.

Anyways, call their Los Lonely Boys ass up and drain em of their energy…..


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