The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

The Archon Jesus Soul Sacrifice Program Part 2: The Emotional Slaves To The Organic Portals Programming

It’s a continuation of what I was talking about here…..

How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

Before I begin, this fat neckbeard, who was part of some homeless gangstalking operation here (I saw the person in the car across the street orchestrating this is part of the police and his last name starts with an “E” as seen through my third eye) crawled his fat ugly neckbeard ass out the tunnels of his ma’s basement to say, “He Jesus” and wanted to fight me with an ax……

He has Colorado plates. It is Colorado license plate number AOG U47.

– I been coming across some Dungeons and Dragons playing ass crakkkas it seems as of late…..

You can watch the vid of the confrontation here:

He said he was gonna pull out an ax.

– Bitch you ain’t no “Jesus.” You look like a fat ass version of the rapist and murderer whom the false image of HEY-Zeus is built on.

Yashuah was black, you fucking basement dwelling smegma ass funky nerd!

I went up to the first vehicle – the grey suv – cause I remember it being part of that procession that celebrated what the sick bear mace rapist did here……….

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

Here his license plate: CA license plate number 8ALP054.

I saw him pull up not too far from my van one night then do that turn around after parking up the tree a lil further up.

I saw him last night park a lil up near that same tree in the middle of the night – musta been about 3am – to do what I saw through my third eye to be a spell but REALLY powerful beings blocked that shit I saw.

……This bitch look like a straight up witch here……

I saw them nasty public works workers saying something to het earlier…..

Also in the vid you can hear one of them nasty things say, “tiddays,” reminiscient of here…..

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

I had these mofos running ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฝ๐ŸŽผ I can’t believe I done weaponised frequency against their asses lol…..

You the pest mofo. They actually got frequency keychains that play a certain frequency to literally run insects away, like these mofos….

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Chasing Off A Pedophile Wetback Beener Playing 6000 Hz Frequency

Wetbacks Play 1 Note Mariachi To Mess With Me 6000 Hz Frequency RUNS EM

Public Works RAPISTS Call The Cops When I Banish Them With 6000 Hz Frequency

I can’t stand when organic portals feel comfortable to actually think they can be in your personal orbit, especially when they feel entitled. It’s like bitch I vibrate literally at a higher frequency then you and I got a Soul, that divine park. Who the fuck are you having the audacity to speak to me or even think you can get with me (usually to beat us down out of our birthright to Goddom and beat our self esteem as well as to drain us of our energy they so need to feast on)….. That’s why I don’t care how nice I run em up the street like this low vibratory who I made intense eye contact with (he didn’t even look down at my chest) who tried to ply me with low vibratory bullshit.

That is why it is good to cleanse yourself of them and stand in your power.

I felt like the God I am asserting my energy onto him!

There was a crakkka in an old white truck who I heard yelling some dumb shit while it was driving today past my van. I saw it was on that rapist shit as talked about here…..

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

This is why I stay on my black magick blicky as the youth call it: Imma put a curse on his ass so he get into a car wreck and lose that truck and his life!

Now, to my fellow Soulled folks, notice all this is forming a theme: It is a theme of these organic portals, wounded Souls wanting to knock your worth in your eyes to keep you from elevating, ascending.

They see you ascending meaning you are removing yourself as being an energy food source for them in absolutely any context.

As seen above, they are trying – rather desperately – I realEYES – to get you back on a mental consciousness where you feel like you “need” them, a place of emotional codependency.

They are striving every which way to undermine your self worth and try to put control of how you see yourself in their eyes, exactly what jealous “teachers” insisted on when I attended Xavier Prep (now St. Katherine Drexel) in New Orleans…..

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

The memories of my experiences there, the feelings, energies I acquired there are not wholly for naught.

That said, one thing that I was ubiquitiously told as a youth was, “I am a snob” and “that I think I am better than everybody.”

Yep, even as a small small child, folks told me this.

It is true, and we Soulled people have every right to think so.

Now, that said, part of the Jesus Sacrifice Archon program is to get you to “sacrifice” yourself by being humble, even at the expense of your survival and giving up traits that are true to you, true to your Soul, so you can abide by the false polite society programming that organic portals indoctrinate us into at a young age:

That said, like the re-ligious programming that tries to hinder Soulled people from coming into their power by telling them not to deal in witchcraft or open up their chakras, this form of programming is designed to keep you as a feeder source for the demiurge, his archons and organic portal minions.

See, by you being “humble” and listening to the indoctrination in the first place, it puts you into this place where you feel obligated to see organic portals the same way you see yourself. But, organic portals are not like you, they are not like us. They are emotionless parasitic predators with no feelings cause they have no Soul.

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

So thus identifying them with you opens your heart chakra to them and therefore a world of hurt. A world of hurt where folks will hate you, attack you, and envy you even when you are doing everything on the right side of right as I did.

A perfect example of this is 69 Tekashi. He does not deserve the hate that he gets.

As seen here, kid had every right to snitch: his best friend was fucking his girlfriend, they set him up to get robbed, who wouldn’t snitch?

But as seen in the first comment here folks will still hate him:

The second comment got it right ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

The story of Yashuah is pretty much a cautionary tale to Soulled folks when we break free of the demiurge archon matrix trap and stop being energy sources for organic portals……

Zeus is practically the fucking demiurge as broken down here:

That is why Yashuah was made a sacrifice!

That said, Yashuah, who taught that if you have the Divine Spark of Sophia aka a Soul aka the Divine Feminine within you, you are God, an aspect of the true God that is above this material realm – was made to be a sacrifice for the “god” Zeus aka the demiurge and in turn used as a warning, a cautionary tale for Soulled people not to ascend and what happens when you teach others to ascend out this material realm.

The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Hardship

That’s why to this day us Soulled folks are met with material hardship. The shit is not a test. It is an attempt by the demiurge, the archons and his minions to keep you focused on physical survival and keep your mind off the spiritual realm and therefore from ascending out his archon matrix trap:

A good example of this is how, years ago, when I started astral projecting and developing an addiction for it (one not caused by urges which is a sign that the demiURGE is in control) as well as for meditation, I experienced an astral projection where a past life ancestor – a Vietnamese man – took me out my body and took me on a tour to see the insides of these mansions owned by the wealthy and famous, mainly politrickians. In these homes I saw pictures of folks shaking hands with a skeleton.

This was the same skeleton Kobe Bryant made a deal with, as mentioned and explained here:

And as first mentioned in this article here…..

Due to it, through my third eye I saw that he was in a hellish dimension, dressed in rags, being flogged, beaten and chained with other people by this hellguard pig faced demon……

I knew what was up and refused the deal.

As seen in the pic above I woke up with my third eye bleeding and facing material hardship ever since caused by a skeletal entity and, really, other archons….

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Breaking Free of The Archonic Curse of Being Chained To Sex Work For Money

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

Yeah, it’s just been obscene and crazy the impediments and roadblocks to my success are.

Another young lady relayed to me that when she was with an organic portal boyfriend the world opened up to her: folks were friendly, she got, made mad money, she had great material financial success.

She dumped him and started on the spiritual path and bad luck ensued.

It’s some type of classic deal with the devil as talked about here:

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

They want you around mofos who will energetically fuck you up and keep you ascending as experienced here so you can remain in this Earthrealm, acting as an energetic source of loosh for these archon, organic portal ass parasites:

– That’s why in The Matrix the folks who went against the matrix were poor and ate slop!

That’s why spiritual mofos like monks take vows of poverty cause they know your ass will get pelted like hell materially when you walk a spiritual path and try to break free of the demiurge realm.

The priests and nuns in the catholic church, living in multi million dollar timeless palaces they call “churches” is a perversion of this.

– As they should (loot they asses)……

They say they walk the path of “Jesus”. “Jesus” was homeless. Would they have ran sprinklers on HEY-Zeus, too?

They on some Pharisee, hypocrisy shit with these grand mansions called “palaces.”

I been saying that shit ain’t got nothing to do with the original Christianity, which was gnostic based and taught Your Soul is God!

This man broke it down:

DNA spells God. We are God!

For us Soulled people, when we go the ascension route, we don’t need to take no vow cause the shit will get thrown at us!

That’s why esp. at this time of ascension ya’ll gotta give up caring about what these other motherfuckers, especially organic portals, think. Sacrifice that shit.

Motherfuckers walking a true spiritual path don’t lose what they thought were friends, family, material shit, money for nothing. That is the process, the things we gotta sacrifice to reach ascension and not to have to come back to this mad and twisted ass realm!

I wanna say something else on how fucked up the demiurge is…..

Watch this speech done brilliantly by Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate, one of my FAVOURITE films of all time…..

I’m placing it here as well in case they remove it…..

That said, another fucked up thing I learn the demiurge will do is create urges for toxic shit: usually urges for drugs, alcohol or as I like to spell it alkie-hole, empty, meaningless sex.

There are even physical parasites called helminths that induce urges:

Now, I can understand alkie-hole and drugs but sex….. everybody gotta have sex.

If you are a Soulled person with a sex addiction are you supposed to give up sex completely?

See, the demiURGE, as Milton, Al Pacino’s character, so brilliantly explained in “The Devil’s Advocate” like to use URGES he places in you, hence the term demiURGE, to milk as much feelings of disappointment and self loathing as possible, otherwise known as loosh…..

Bad shit ALWAYS happened when I drunk and the demiURGE knows we need a form of escape to cope with being here…..

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

Chasing My Rapist

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

It didn’t help that he had an archon placed to block me from astral projecting, which is how my Soul truly wants to escape…..

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

That said, as a pro tip: if your Soul don’t want it and if it is coming in the form of an urge, that is an entity etheric parasite. Try to suppress it. Bad shit always happens when you give into any urge, well, most urges that put you down a low vibratory path.

Urges are a form of enslavement, a way for the demiurge to keep us trapped in this realm. That is why we, I, would feel overwhelming guilt for giving into an urge cause I knew I had lost and the demiURGE had won, making it feel truly like a “god.”

That said, just like with urges, there are entity parasites that get placed in all Soulled people to keep us from ascending.

I find that on the right side of my body – and I have heard others talk about being afflicted by archon parasites on the right side as well – I find that there is a “pipe” within us etherically that connects us emotionally, spiritually to the organic portals, causing us to unwittingly care about what they think, therefore ingesting their toxic negativity into us.

It is – I find – embedded in our brain and thus affects our central nervous system, where our instincts and thus urges get “enforced.”

Call on powerful entities of really really high frequencies (I’m talking like 7777 hz, starting in the 4 digits) to remove this shit then use a frequency fence again that is in the 4 digits to burn the astral books allowing them to exist through your third eye:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

I got one on my back now that got activated after removing others that got me really caring what folks think, hence the gangstalking harassment I suffered last night and today.

Also, set your inner and outer frequency to the 4 digits (you want 7777 hz starting off). Right now my frequency is operating at a ludicrously high number due to all the spiritual surgery and healing mechanisms I been doing on myself.

It is not enough to not care about what the fuck these people think. You gotta feel that shit so in turn the organic portals will feel it and won’t fuck with you.

That organic portal shit of “pretending” won’t work cause unlike them we got Souls and they can feel our energy so thus.

Another thing I wanna mention too is – the man who I brought my former Town and Country from – a fellow Soul Brother who tried to get my ass to get a Chevy Astro and even offered to let me do a down payment plan though he was homeless and living in a car himself – well he told me of how folks envied him. Not only that – though he had been through hell with regards to his life, his mom beat him with a stiletto heel thus bloodying him, the only thing that fucked his head up was his dad telling him that he should never try to succeed in somebody else’s business and make them money.

That fucked his head up.

I been through alot and what fucked me up was the Chemistry teacher telling me to drop the English accent.

Along with circumstances being orchestrated to bind us into unwitting karmic debts and transactions with the demiurge, it is something about one lil phrase being our downfall, like a spell hence the term, spellcasting!

Spellcasting And How Enemies Use Words To Have Power Over You

– Yeah I saw through my third eye that an archon who looks like Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sitting on a dark throne carved in stone, writing the astral books making it to where a phrase puts a spell on us Soulled people and fucks us up for life.

Yeah, we are really under some spells…..

The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Hardship

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