How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt once rightfully proselytized that what folks known as “jesus”, really HEY- Zeus is the mark of the beast…..

He is absolutely right……

What you see as the image of “jesus christ” is actually Cesare Borgia, the rapist, murderous, “basturd” (basturd denotes that a man has to claim a child as his property to be “legitimate” witch πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„ is why I put “basturd” in quotes due to it’s misogynistic connotations) son of the equally pernicious and saturnian (“satanic”) Pope Rodrigo of Rome, who would place fruit with thorns in them inside of the vaginas of prostitutes who he would have at his orgies that were conducted at the vatican.

And ya’ll mofos – organic portals who don’t really count for shit to me – war-ship that πŸ‘†πŸ»

That said, as this Native American shaman, brother, pointed out, the true saviour of humanity is gonna be a woman, Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magick:

This a fucking shame how when you first search for Isis you get “isis” the CIA psyop made terrorist group…..

NOTE how in ancient Khemetian (Egyptian) pics she is depicted with a halo…..

When you search Isis Egyptian Goddess you get her with a halo, which is the same way that false HEY-Zeus “jesus” christ is depicted as having…..

– They call him “the SUN 🌞 of ‘god'” as this was directly stolen from the story of Isis giving birth to Ra, the Sun God……

NOW here is the Native American shaman breaking down how Isis will be the True Savior, who will return our Earth – Mother Gaia – back to it’s true nature of balance by restoring us back to the matriarchy that once existed and brought us peace and harmony as a species…..

Now, as I broke down here…. see Hollywood is BIG into the occult, esoteric knowledge and it was in the movie, “The 5th Element”, that they were trying to tell the world what the Native American man up there was saying…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

I can’t believe I called that shit out….. and black…..

How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

How Netflix Film Bright Reveals A Fear of The Coming Black Messiah

Even the Romans when they recreated the buy-bull at the council of nicea in their image they didn’t say “jesus” was coming back with a sword for nothing…..

Now, let me tell you why I am talking about this….

I had looong been having issues with my throat chakra, going all the way back to childhood, so I know this is something from a past life.

Now, for the past coupla days I been in deep meditation. I used my third eye to see what this block is that has so stubbornly been blocking me from speaking my truths. There was a “part” of me that would feel guilty for speaking the truth, fearing it would run friends away, if I got to close.

My third eye showed me a man being lifted up, with a crown of thorns on his head, on a cross with folks who I once helped, praising this!

One of my incarnations was “jesus”, really, Yashuah Ben Pendira (there were 2 other people I saw cause during that time there were other teachers who taught what Yashuah taught), who was a reincarnation of Isis:

– That is the shadow of Nefertiti appearing in place of my shadow the same year my baby brother died, in 2012……

Now, let me get into the spiritual significance for us Soulled people…..

I can not tell you how many of those of us with Souls tell me how they are pulled into fucked up “karmic” demiurge archon matrix traps, toxic cycles where we are pulled into “Saw” like situations where it is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

You don’t have free will.

In my case, something will happen to my material possessions that will force me into seeing two low vibrational people – one who has a Soul and the other an organic portal – whom by association alone keeps me stuck in a toxic cycle I am long overdue to leave. I can’t work a job cause every job I ever had (most of the workforce is teeming with the energy draining parasites known as organic portals) and, when I try to establish new endeavours, using my natural talents, outside the low vibrational sex industry, there is an archon block placed on it. I even in the past had people tell me that when they try to donate to me something blocks em…..

That said, I don’t like dealing with these two dudes. I saw through my third eye that every time I see the organic portal one negative shit gets thrown into my third eye and the widow’s peak chakra right by the crown.

It is not a healthy situation.

Plus, to be around these dudes – I hate being around them and doing this shit – I gotta drink!

Let me explain something: when you have a Soul and you are leaking in your chakras folks who are low vibrational have a way of having their energy parasites leak themselves into those parts of you that have holes in your auric, energy fields and attaching themselves to you so that you can never heal and become spiritually strong enough to break this toxic cycle.

That is how “god” the demiurge and his abominable archons keep Soulled people down. “god” by the way is spelled Anubis pointing to “god” as being an underworld deity of hell of which we are in:

They attack you materially then send folks who operate on low to non vibrations to keep you stuck in a negative energy cycle that will ensure that you will act as energetic food through the misery, frustration and not to mention energy archon parasites that will infest you as per these negative toxic cycles.

One guy, as said before, is an organic portal teeming with entity attachments and parasites that cause addictions and the other one has a smugness, an almost entitlement though he is “nice” that places an energy blueprint upon me of objectification, which is the antithesis of my true identity and what I speak as my truth as a feminist.

I am a very strong woman. I am very strong willed. When a person comes upon me, sweet talking to me like I am a child, dismissing the reality of what I have faced in my life here:

….It is an extreme disrespect to who I am, what I have endured and to my level of consciousness.

And of course he white.

I remember this dude walking up to me on the beach and calling me by my former prostitute name in the open. That is a fucking major disrespect.

I ain’t nobody’s fucking fantasy. I am a fucking human being with thoughts, feelings and fucking emotions and should be treated as such.

I know organic portals can live with making a living by wearing masks. Us Soulled people can not do that!

So that said it is toxic shit like that – and people like that, having them around us out of necessity – that forces us into situations where our energy fields and thus spiritual abilities get compromised.

These mofos, as seen on Monday, will contact me right when I am getting better, too.

If I cut them off, something will happen to my van (saw something plotting some shit in the astral a coupla days ago), and because I am not established financially in my businesses, I will be forced to having to contact these guys for helping, effectively keeping me stuck in a negative, toxic cycle.

One time I cut them off, no more alcohol urges. It was because just associating energetically with them was directly causing the cravings. I even saw through my third eye that having been in the dirty ass industry, I picked up entity attachments that caused those cravings and, as with many women, people serving in that industry, it did not help that my energy body had holes in it as caused by events orchestrated by archons over my incarnations as I will explain later.

As this brother says here, in ancient Khemet they spoke of how in the afterlife if your Soul did not weigh a feather to the underworld you go…..

His name is Soulful Ascension and he has a great Youtube channel talking about this…..

That’s why you gotta get rid of these parasitic entity attachments cause they will have you going to hell – not morals, a man made way to categorize and understand the world – when you die which is back here via reincarnation and other denser darker realms than this.

As you heal, the key to stopping this is by burning the astral book designated for that as said here:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

Use your third eye, ask it to show you the book that has you caught up in such and such a cycle then burn it using a frequency fence of a high number. I prefer the millions. Sometimes you will see folks writing in it. Those are folks being influenced by archon, toxic spirits to write them to attack you.

This is what I saw in my case.

Burn the pen/pencil they use to write it then burn the book then – you can do this before – tell your third eye to burn the book that is allowing the entity that is doing this to you to live.

My life has gotten alot better by doing this πŸ”₯βœπŸ“˜

Now, regarding my throat chakra, I asked my third eye to show me what was the cause of why I have this subliminal tendency to sacrifice myself.

This is why listening to organic portals for your sake is important. Many organic portals have always come up to me and felt this falsely projected (it was coming from an entity attachment) energy of “forgiveness” and “love” that they would then undertake acts to pretty much retraumatise me by not appreciating the help I give, thus effectively feeding that parasite.

That is part of the archon matrix trap created in the false proselytized image of HEY-Zeus!

FOH! That said, one time when I earnestly tried to help a wetback with his car – while drunk (that low vibratory cycle) – when a white guy I know came to help, he gave him money while, having groped me, I pushed his ass away, he didn’t give me shit!

I ‘woked him so his shit gonna really be fucked up.

Now, fast forward to today they had an ole wetback bitch in the parking lot who needed a jump and I just so happened to be right there.

She asked me for a jump and so the demon, really archon, in me told me to help! THEN I had a thought. I asked my third eye would she pay me for helping her as I am now: black. My third eye showed me no. I then asked my third eye to show if that wetback bitch – you can see I’m homeless – would pay me for helping her if I were white. It showed me yes. I told that wetback bitch adios as I purred up my engine and rolled the fuck up outta there, giving her the middle finger with my MAGA hat as I rolled the fuck out.

As I saw in jail, many of them fuckers think they white and need to be knocked down a few notches with reality.

I talk about em here:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Latina Tells Her People To Stop Thinking That They Are White

– Them fuckers are of the serpent bloodline. That is why I don’t deal with them. Cause of their serpent bloodline I find them to be innately low vibrational and I find they can fuck you up if you let them in like a vampire who you give permission to enter your home.

Here is their creator Quetzalcoatl, the serpent human sacrificing “god”:

Look a little like the demiurge, huh:

I broke down the correlation between the demiurge and quetzalcoatl here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That’s why I don’t apologise for shit what I said, think and wear cause I am always speaking the motherfucking truth:

There is a reason why the Adolf Hitler phrase, “Close your eyes to pity, act brutally!” keeps playing in my mind…..

It is a humilation ritual. Helping folks who you know damn well ain’t gonna appreciate it and will spit on you is a form of creating holes in your aura, your energy field so that the demiurge, his archons and organic portals can feed off of you.

As I said before, curving that bitch by not giving her a jump was – and I felt this too – a form of reclaiming my energy, my power!

I went against what the archon parasite in me wanted me to do and thus reclaimed control of my Soul and the destiny path that I as a Soulled God want!

That bullshit of “turn the other cheek”, “turn the other way”, look…..

Organic portals can’t feel shit! They are empty vessels. That’s why I don’t tailor my messages to them. They are against me.

There is a reason why I go outta my way to be mean towards them, no matter how objectively nice they are…..

That’s why I don’t explain myself cause Soulled people will get me…..

That said different archon parasites (mine was located at the right side of my hip right where they say Yashuah’s right side was pierced….

That said I have heard from many folks with Souls who talk about the humilation and then demonic entitlement felt to either their energy or ability to help these organic portals when they come to us.

Soulled folks – unless totally far gone – have feelings and would never do shit like this.

Look, when I was knee deep in satanism which is really saturnianism which is really what the modern day Roman based version of christianity is:

The Hypocrisy of Hypochristians Who Practice So Called Pagan Rituals And Sin As Well In Their Religion

I had THE MOST. ENTITLED. MOTHERFUCKERS – almost all organic portals – coming to me, DEMANDING my knowledge while not wanting to in exchange pay me for my time. Dead serious!

And then would crucify me for not letting them take advantage of me, take me for granted!

That is fucking demonic and it is why I tell so many Soulled people not to make ourselves available to these organic portals. Send them reptilians and black magic as I do:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

– There is a reason why I say that the only way I have ever gotten through life, gotten respect, was by being a motherfucker.

Looka how mofos run from me: looka how this road is vacant: this is what happens when I come into my power:

– The other night after a alkie-hole psychic attack spurred after seeing the organic portal trick they had some wetbacks in a grey pick up truck right behind me. Mighta been cartel. One was rude and I said “Get your wetback ass outta here!” and got they did, with one later even shooting a gun but that don’t phase me just like here:

The Asshole Who Shot At Me Is A Hellyweird Child Sacrificing Actor Named Toby Bronson

When you let folks, mainly these organic portals, use you you are not respecting YOUR-SELF!

Self respect is part of self love. That is masochism to let folks walk over you, the opposite of Self Love.

This is guaranteed to create holes in the aura and energy field – just as drugs and alkie-hole does – ensuring more mofos will be let into your energy field to partake in a feeding frenzy upon it.

Don’t let them do that.

It is alot more complicated than though.

There will be energy parasites already inside of you due to trauma already orchestrated by archons that is designed to bring you more heartache – and
torment – into your life. Early this morning there was an energy parasite in the right hip – where I was lanced in that Yashuah past life – where it created this “sense” that to help folks is “good” and will help me to heaven blah blah.

All of that is archon-matrix programming to keep you stuck in the realm of the demiurge, the wheel of samsara:

Selfishness is key to self preservation. Like me, you will know who to help and who not to through non-demiurge/archon influenced intuition and, as I did earlier, the third eye. You don’t need to help mofos who would not help you if you are struggling or help mofos who don’t respect you.

I find from experience that it has something to do with an energy crown around the top of the head that is circular, that spans all around the front (forehead) and back of the head that, when manipulated by archons, can turn us into energy fodder for these entities to turn us Soulled people into sacrifices…..

Now, when I did energy clearing on my crown chakra – there was something up there blocking that was blocking the throat chakra, I used my third eye to see what was up and I saw a giant sacrificial head – dark, with negative entities tied to it – that had a man who had light inside my crown chakra who was being held up by droves and droves of strings like a ventriloquist puppet and had folks crowded around, condemning him, all the while he had 10’s, a whole lotta knives in his back.

It looked like this:

I was being used as a sacrifice by god the demiurge as seen through my third eye.

I proceeded to use my third eye to remove the etheric, astral efficacy of this “jesus sacrifice” programming from my crown chakra.

I suspect that many Soulled folks probably have similar programming in them, possessing them like the cordyceps virus does to insects and rabies does to us and other animals to act in ways that are not like us.

That is why I would be led to excessively drink which would then lead to said mind virus to infect me and cause me to act in ways unlike me, that goes against my Soul (my Soul doesn’t even want to drink) and feed these archons in me and around me by coming upon folks with malicious intentions, some possessed, like this motherfucker here:

This him right here!

He stay in this motor home right by Topanga Beach here. CA license plate number 477BV…..

This me driving past it….

This a confrontation I had with him one day a coupla days after…..

That said, it was always a consistent that when these mind parasites would compel me to drink I was always getting sexually assaulted, with mofos placing fingers into me while drunk and naked like that mofo up there!

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

Living My Lyfe Just Right

– All that’s possession.

Black Bigot You Are Gonna Have To Fight These Reptilians

– This poor man right here – I saw him in the astral state a coupla days ago – is going through it with these reptilians, inflicting alcohol curses on him, creating in him false urges to feed them through it so he can never come into his Soulled purpose.

I will say these entities that cause this that are usually in us are tricksters and they look like this:

Twin Flames Are Archon Saboteurs Meant To Keep Soulled People Down And How To Break Free of Them

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

They will, interestingly, have light in them but look goofy.

This is designed to express a goofy energy through you that attracts predators who are attracted to your vulnerability and in turn causes you more trauma that keeps you ultimately from focusing on spiritual growth and ascension.

When I am not compromised and stand in my power, that shit don’t happen.

I’m like Thor when he came into his power:

Nothing. Nothing can penetrate me and that’s how I like to be, what my Soul truly yearns for and wants…..

Here is my power expressed here πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„

Not that shit one of them tricks say when he speaks to me in a child like manner, like how you talk to a baby as per his fantasy, when he coos that my body hair is “all me” cause that’s his fucking fantasy.

One of em told me that he didn’t like my messing up my body when I get scars like I ain’t fucking human!

Bitch this my body and I do whatever the fuck I want to it for me!

I swear them motherfuckers are sick and they got something wrong with em and got delusional control issues. Sick motherfuckers.

That being said, these trickster archons get placed into us to block our spiritual abilties and keep us stuck in a matrix cycle of self destruction by making us “escape” – which all Soulled folks yearn for hence why so many of us have addiction issues – through alkie-hole and drugs, compromising us as mind parasites by putting us in situations, places, where organic portals can feed off of us and keep the cycle of trauma going.

They will – as I experienced again and again – will try to hamper you spiritually so you are forced to seek self destructive shit like drugs and alcohol to “escape”…..

Perfect example is how, just this past weekend, I tried to astral projection.

I did it the night before: met the ancestors, who looked just like this, proving black folks are natives, too:

They wore feathers and everything. They thanked me for rescuing them in the astral the other night.

The next day, I tried to astral project and – as before in the past – I felt a cold energy, a breath, breath into my nose then my face. I then felt a very dense pressure hold my Soul down just as I – immediately – felt the vibrations concomitant with leaving my body.

I experienced this before:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

It is something really fucking evil trying to keep me from spiritually evolving and ascending!

This is part of that archon matrix “jesus forgive-sacrifice” trauma programming the archons inflict upon us to keep us in the matrix because, to numb your woes after bad shit happens, you will of course want to drink or do drugs, thus keeping this pernicious cycle ever going…..

As a matter of fact there are physical parasites known as helminths who do induce urges, cravings in us as explained by this young man:

They put it in our food so, yeah, this shit is not just paranormal.

That said, the key to fighting is not tp starve it. From my experience, depending on the severity of the situation, that may not work. In my case, as explained here, events get orchestrated forcing you into needing them, thus continuing the cycle.

Even when rude I can’t cut them off (I just did and felt something on my right side get very thick and heavy). I believe totally cutting them off will ve the key to my ascension.

That said, heal! Go through traumas, past life traumas and heal. The stronger your energy body and auric force field is the less ability these parasites – and organic portals – have of penetrating.

I find that the most wounded have the most holes spiritually and thus attract the most organic portals ie gangstalkers so heal!

Healing was key and is instrumental to finding the parts of yourself you know need tlc and mending them so that you can permanently remove entity parasites, mind parasites, OUT!

I notice cravings and urges would happen as I got better.

Also, find a place far from people, esp. these organic portals, so you can heal!

We Soulled people can not find peace amongst these organic portals – hence why it is best we work solitary jobs or for ourselves – as these mofos will constantly be trying to feed off our energy.



This is crucial in that organic portals, first off, are not on your level of consciousness. They are there to suck up your energy and keep you stuck in the realm of the demiurge by calling you “crazy” when you are trying to ascend or doing shit that is designed to throw you off your path.

They are not like you, like us!

Cut them off like I did one earlier.

They are sent into your personal life as archon matrix agents to undermine your spiritual ascension. Some will try to bully their way into your personal life as this fucker tried here – usually I find ones occupied by reptilian spirits tend to be aggressive – run em off!

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

A good example of this is this wetback bitch who was a play dyke – not a real one cause some man hurt her – who kept trying to push herself into my personal space while in jail.

I didn’t say a motherfucking thing to any of em while in the holding tank and that’s how I kept it.

She kept low key trying to push so instead of getting violent I changed my inner frequency to 6000 hz and sent that wetback bitch running:

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Chasing Off A Pedophile Wetback Beener Playing 6000 Hz Frequency

Change Your Inner Frequency To 6000 Hz Frequency To Repel Organic Portals

– I was laughing my ass off when them real men were sexually harassing her, aggressively, on the bus.

They all had reptilian spirits in them!

They tried that shit with me and I let them know I don’t like wetbacks and if you are a wetback, stay back!

Through my third eye I saw them reptilian spirits in them, around them, running.

One even warned him not to talk to me! Dude knew!

If you need em you can use your spiritual abilities to influence them to do what you want them to do. Clear your energy tho. πŸ‘πŸ»

That said, do not deal with other wounded Soulled people.

I will go on to say that they are worse than organic portals in that they have actual energy fields – powerful ones at that – that can bleed into and thus infect your own.

I had to cut them off so I can heal as merely associating with them drove me to up in terms of intensity my urges and self destructive cravings for alcohol.

Cut them off so that you can heal and ascend.

Another thing that is vital to know is that you gotta learn self love. Selfishness is the key to self love, not making yourself as a scapegoat or sacrifice as the false “jesus forgive sacrifice” paradigm proselytizes.

That way is not gonna work for us Soulled people in this realm!

You are gonna have to be alone for much of this journey. It ain’t an easy path. That’s why the greats like Guatama (Buddha), Krishna and even Isis (I think there was a story of her getting molested by her dad) had to go it alone to find the truth. So love yourself cause these organic portals – and wounded Soulled folks – will come at you hard.

They don’t say that “freedom is never having to say you are sorry” for nothing.

There’s freedom in not caring about these mofos. Love those with Souls who are not toxic and you can do that with wounded Soulled folks but keep a distance and monitor for any entity attachments pulling you to them.

The key to being protective of your energy is to use your own – not any other entity’s – intuition to guide you. Use your third eye as I do. That is why they don’t want you opening it. The third eye shows you the truth of who you are dealing with as it has done for me.

An opened, unperverted third eye serves as the perfect weapon to this matrix as it exposes what is really going on underneath the surface, hence why the church and all them mass mind control religions FOR organic portals tell you not to open it and it is witchcraft and sorcery and goes against “god” the demiurge if you do.

Listen here how I document via video spirits guiding these organic portals to fuck with me:

PERFECT Example of Spirits Influencing People To Fuck With You

I sincerely believe that the 144,000 meant to be taken in the “rapture” aka ascension are us Soulled folk, meaning we will be ascending to a higher dimension while leaving these organic portals – and Soulled folk who Sould their Souls for demiurge material Earthly trinkets – behind.

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

That said our minds as Soulled people should be on ascension and not being a slave – or a sacrifice – in any shape, form or fashion in this archon matrix.

Do not fall for the false “peace love” bullshit that I find reptilians – and organic portals – push:

You Gotta Watch These Reptilians Pushing This Fake Peace And Love New (C)age Agenda

The Whole New Age Hippie Spiel To Be Peace And Love And Light Is A Trick By The Reptilians To Suppress Humanity’s Spiritual Potential

PERFECT Example of Organic Portals Pushing FAKE Spirituality

– Boy I be TELLLING these motherfuckers who they truly are through my third eye and I have. these fuckers. Running πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΎπŸ‡²πŸ‡½

They push that shit so you won’t get revenge and thus have unresolved trauma, which creates holes in your energy field AND aura which they feast on…..

Don’t fall for it!

That’s why I use black magic on these mofos like Isis!

Funny, years ago a brother said I had her spirit in me!

That said, make yourself unapproachable.

A while back a dude with addictions – he was part of that gangstalking shit – accosted me and asked me to be “nicer” and more approachable (so I can get raped like her which happens every time I am nice when I am drunk):

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

And I knew what he was trying to do so I shut him down!

Malibu Gangstalkers Getting More Aggressive

Make your energy unapproachable (put out that vibe) so these energy vampiric demons can’t feed off of you.

This is why I say you gotta watch that “peace love forgive acceptance” shit cause if you follow that and open yourself up to these energy vampires – these organic portals who are meant to feed off your light, your Soul – what the fuck you think they gonna do?

Come the fuck on!

You want to build those healthy walls to keep em out and you build it via healing so you don’t have walls made of hurt and pain that can fall like quicksand.

That is why I say heal. Healing is key πŸ”‘

You aren’t gonna be bothered by folks’ bull cause through your third eye you can see what they are and thus can’t hurt you and the walls are designed to keep them – and energy vampire entity attachments – OUT!

Another thing I wanna say too is……

I think I know why blacks are hated, and the most envied AND stolen from.

Looka the article above.

Right off the bat I see reptilians and alien zeta reticuli greys – archons – as being the “unknown ancestor.”

I have my thoughts on why πŸ‘‡πŸ»

How The Pact With The Demiurge Aka Yah Caused The REAL BLACK Hebrew Israelites To Have Their Identity Stolen

How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

How Netflix Film Bright Reveals A Fear of The Coming Black Messiah

Peace ✌🏻

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