You Gotta Watch These Reptilians Pushing This Fake Peace And Love New (C)age Agenda

You Gotta Watch These Reptilians Pushing This Fake Peace And Love New (C)age Agenda

I noted he stopped when I said I saw his reptilian soul…..

Saw right past him…..

– You don’t walk into the hood with millions of dollars worth of jewelry and not be strapped. That is analogous to being a Being of Light as I aka having a Soul which exudes light and not having a defense weapon on you to protect you from the hordes of zombies otherwise known as organic portals and low vibrational archons looking to feed off of you and steak your Light.

That is why I stay strapped with so called “black” chaos magick:

These reptilians want to disarm you and try to keep you being, as Peggy Kane put it, a “cloud riding new ager” so you’ll be oblivious and “too high in the clouds” via fake TOXIC positivity to see and be able to do something about the evil fucked up shit they are doing here.

As seen thru my ‘wokes to protect yourself from their psychic attacks you must work with ALL COLORS OF THE LIGHT SPECTRUM meaning you must become a darkworker…..

PLEASE watch Peggy Kane’s full video on Youtube:

Reptilians don’t like your telling the truth – esp. about demon seeds they created – because it inhibits their agenda. It is analogous to a pedophile telling a child to “hush” about the abuse they are putting them through.

I just noticed too (I didn’t even read it initially cause I didn’t wanna give this thing energy) in one of his comments he makes a rape victim blaming comment where he says my being shirtless or naked entices lust, stating basically that bad shit that happens to me is my fault if I get raped etc.

Reptilians are NOTORIOUS for using rape in the astral plane esp. to extract energy via the sacral chakra thru trauma and immense grief. They created rape culture to perpetuate their devouring of loosh aka negative energy thru the negative energies they circulate in our society with misogyny being the main architect designed to feed them and the other archons at our expense….

– At the very LEAST he was looking to piss me off so he can feed off the negative emotions corresponding to it aka “loosh”…..

Also, reptilians are BIG on contradicting themselves. They view themselves as superior to humans so they have an attitude of “Do as I say, not as I do”….. very hypocritical in that he is telling me to be peace and love and have my head in the clouds while he pushes rape victim blame…..

They don’t wanna be exposed…..

Here are the messages he left on my Youtube channel…..

Also here another reptilian whose name is Jeanette Mareè spirit looks JUST like the reptilian poster below who ALWAYS subs when my channel gets hot so she can take it down!

You can see the Soullessness in her eyes…..

– That bitch a clone. Years ago a sister broke down how reptilians were creating counterfeit Soulless humans in the astral to manipulate and abuse and use as vessels for their spirits to manifest in the 3D otherwise known as organic portals, which I ALWAYS talk about….

– THIS really breaks em down….

I note Youtube deleted NEARLY ALL of the notificiation emails showing that she always finds a way to sub to my channels….. then take em down!

That said, to confirm that these “people”, organic portals, work from a hivemind and have their vessels hijacked by archon spirits looking to attack YOULISTEN HOW after coming across the cat that had the squidward reptilian entity that’s been haunting me in it (I just heard a cat meow and there is no cat around where I’m at) some folks show up and start meowing loud via a loud speaker and, no, they were not here in the area…..

Here me petting the great baby cat I dubbed, “The Great Divine Snuckums”…..

You can see something evil was operating in that poor lil animal in him…. I even saw a TALL, like 20 foot tall, dark entity that looked like a really tall pale face man with no facial features with a top hat right when I was petting him further up in the woods….. After petting him here RIGHT AFTER I felt something attach to my back (they ALWAYS attach to your back hence the term “a witch riding your back”)…..

– Poor lil thing!

A friend of mines years ago warned me about reptilians operating as operatives on Youtube and false flagging ya or trying to befriend ya!

Here is evidence that they are monitoring me as shown thru my Linkedin in which the only person last week to search me worked at Youtube 👁👁👁

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