Drug Deal Gone Next To Me

Drug Deal Gone Next To Me

This what they get for wanting to see “the shirtless lady”, dumb motherfuckers……

He dropping a brick……

– These rich sunset mesa motherfucker cowards won’t fuck with these assholes…..

CA license plate number 3VLX888

– Drug buyer…..

CA license plate number 8JAY128

Last night this dude in this Maserati blue SUV (CA license plate number 8WFA190) came out to watch me cause I can hear the black kid tell baldy that I was filming….. and yeah I was 📲📸

Drug dealer…… 2nd time I done seen these mofos…… Actually the third time……

Here that lil raggedy azz car – they ain’t paying em enough – parking on the side I usually park at…..

This the second time I saw them……

It struck me and a friend I was with one time as weird that this odd couple – a bald older white male and young black kid – start playing ball all of a sudden, out the blue, as if to play shit off 👁👁👁…..

I don’t give a fuck what a person does but your empty, Soulless organic portal drug addicted and selling loser isn’t gonna be coming around here treating me like I’m a piece of meat when I’m better than your ass……

Also this DRUNK ass wetback who, DESPITE MY TRUMP SIGN decided to park RIGHT behind me the other day, decides to whip out that nasty ass wetback thing ✏ to piss when he sees me coming…..

If you see this vehicle with CA license plate number 4N50839 please call ICE cause you know this sonofabitch is illegal at 866-347-2423.

Now you been exposed!

Do your shit more discreetly!!!!!


Also, remember, drugs (and being a wetback) rots your brain cells….. well the latter ain’t got brain cells to begin with!

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