The Real Reason Behind Why Lauren Hill Supposedly Lost Her Mind

The Real Reason Behind Why Lauryn Hill Supposedly Lost Her Mind

I was shown a white female pop star – I don’t think it was Britney Spears, it mighta been – as well but I totally forgot.

I think it was an 80s pop singer like either Tiffany or Debbie Gibson.

That said, regarding Lauren Hill, I was shown two kids on a podium like pole thing similar to what Eddie Murphy had to jump over with the glass of water in “The Golden Child.” Then I got the sense that these two kids – one a young black girl and a young black boy, both dressed in private school outfits – were being poised to be sacrificed. Thru my third eye I saw both kids being ushered into a bedroom – I believe based on what you will read further at Epstein Island – and made to prostrate on a bed while some hooded robed guy pulls out a sword to cut the younger boy’s head off with.

I then saw Lauren Hill losing it and I noticed that Lauren Hill’s name kept interchanging with Britney Spears which, when clarified thru my third eye, meant she was put thru some MK Ultra “training” and programming which is a trauma based mind control program designed to, starting from birth, create pop stars (none of those people you see in Hollywood or in the government are are organically successful) and others meant to fulfill the illuminati-archon war-shipping agenda.

I also saw something with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Thru my third eye for clarification I was shown that the real Lauren Hill got tortured and was turned into the demented pitiful creature you see, not showing up for shows or at her “best” showing up extremely late – from what I’ve read she’ll be 1, even 2 hours late – that she has become.

It was shown to me that she got swallowed by a giant sacrificial head and got absorbed into it and then was reborn anew into the tragic figure you see today.

A cautionary tale for why you should not go into hellywood!

Here is a clip of what goes on at Epstein Island (I see thru ny third eye that they are still committing child sacrifice and worse there and now reptilians, full blown reptilians, are running it)…..

This is why Justin Bieber “lost his mind” then fell off the map…..

– They told Justin that he would have to sacrifice an Afrikan (always a melanated child) child to get to the level of a Jay Z and he said “no” and that is when the character assassination and the inevitable “fall from grace” with those pos trash begun!

It’s funny that I kept seeing Britney’s name associated with Lauren Hill in this vision cause I always thought that they were, back in the 90s, trying to poise Lauren Hill to be like a sorta Britney like figure in the neo soul/hip hop movement at the time.

Here is one of my fav songs by her…..

That said, they did this ish with Eve…..

Eve don’t look right with that guy. Her energy is DE-PRESSING looking! She looks drained in ALL (just Google it) the pics she is in with this dude….. AND I SWEAR – MAYBE THIS IS SOME MANDELA EFFECT SHID – BUT THEY BEEN TOGETHER SINCE 1999 tho an article above says they been together for 7 years while being dated “2020.”

– I wanna let ya’ll in on a lil secret.

You know how these people talk about esp. how in the record industry they got the 360 deals and all that and how the record company and not the artist makes the money thru payola – loaning money to artists like a cartel then putting EVERYTHING they purchase for the artist as an expense for the artist to return as per a loan and how they make it supposedly thru concerts etc…..

Okay, just put two and two together. Record companies prostitute their artists to make money.

That is why Cardi B as per her initiation was turned into a Dubai porta potty and in this vid you can hear her DYING to tell the truth about what happened…..

Same with the Kardashians…..

WTF lol….

SO THEY CAN GET THEIR OWN MONEY the artist, of which their popularity is used as leverage to set a price for them, are rented out to Arabic oil magnates, royals to be used for any devious purpose they want – sex with kids, being shitted on, we aren’t even hearing the full range of absurdities these people are being put thru.

Hostel shit. It’s what they do to “earn” their money while being ripped off by the record company:

That said, returning back to Lauren Hill – I always felt these mofos did something to make her crazy…..

You know, Lauren Hill was already fucked up and was meant to put a wrench into the neo soul movement of the late 90s…. note she was already in the industry at a very young age like many mk ultra victims…..

Here is a humiliation ritual she got put thru…..

Here she is praising the demiurge – a serpent dragon aka Quetzalcoatl whom the illuminati answers to…..

– Quetzalcoatl aka the demiurge….

Lauren Hill is also a clone of Egyptian Female Pharaoh Tiye…..

– Tell me I’my lying…..

I saw thru my third eye a reptilian impregnating her ma and inserting Queen Tiye’s genes into her.

I then saw a hooded person bring Lauren Hill to a nurse to be put into that mk ultra program.

I saw thru my third eye – see, that neo Soul movement woulda been a threat to the establishment in that it woulda awakened alot of folks, esp. black melanated energy and awoken us to our collective power which woulda resulted in the bringing down of the demiurge aka quetzalcoatl as seen thru my third eye…..

John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called God

Lauren Hill was made the figurehead for said movement so as to destroy it as per an mk ultra operative from within, hence the tardiness and total absences from her own concerts and thus self destruction……


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