Archons Want Me To Commit Suicide By Showing Alternate Realities With Material Success As I Grow Stronger Spiritually

Archons Want Me To Commit Suicide By Showing Alternate Realities With Material Success As I Grow Stronger Spiritually

Before I being, mofos in Malibu were losing their minds last night in the early evening as I sealed a significant hole in my auric field which keeps my energy from leaking…..

– One stalker mofo pulled back!

I am guessing due to this breakthrough the lead mofo who has been orchestrating gangstalking plots against me I guess can’t…..

– Sleep!

That’s what you get for fucking with me, idiots πŸ–•πŸ»

Imma say this right now, my baby – I see why folks have animal friends (knowing how sentinent they are I think it’s disrespectful to call them “pets”)….

….Animals are smarter than what we give em credit for…..

That said, my lil friend warned me of someone approaching who was gonna fuck with my shit by jumping on the van. I heard a “cuh duh” and INSTANTLY got up and got my weapons and went outside and, sure enough, I saw a lone shady mofo riding on a bike with the blinkers on and I stayed until he rode his funky ass on out.

I think it was a spirit – looked like Hitler or Chaplin on the bike, dressed as if he was from the 1920s – who hit my van to warn me cause for a brief second before I got out the van I saw someone fitting that description.

That said…..

Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

Usually after an archon induced psychic attack where my Soul will be stuck in a chaotic tapestry of morass and depression I’ll have these vivid “dreams” where I’ll see alternate versions of myself living out lives where my material “wishes” – that are being pushed upon me in the dreamscape – are fulfilled.

From my experience these are archons trying to manipulate me into committing suicide so they can either entrap my Soul is some hellish realm that keeps me trapped in the wheel of Samsara, the realm of the demiurge, or return via reincarnation back into this realm to force me into really making a pact with em so I can be truly bonded to them I am surmising as per the rules of the afterlife.

I saw at first how things woulda been like had I attended Cabrini High School, a predominantly all white female high school in New Orleans.

Like Xavier Prep, it woulda been terrible. I don’t work well with bitches. I grew up with all boys. But now I realEYES that it is folks with Souls I am attracted to – non wounded ones (for my sake) who are no longer wounded cause they took the gumption to overcome it, as I am doing.

Though in the physical the school is mostly white I saw alot of mixed race Souls – I saw Asian and alot of black Souls/spirits – cause that is what these girls who I would have encountered in this alternate reality had in them.

That said, they were racist, ghetto (Loser-ana whites are not like your stereotypical white, and mean and messy.

It woulda been like Prep but I felt worse.

I was then introduced to De La Salle. I saw a stage and had the feeling that I was a star drama student. I was being shown the roots of how I woulda been a famous actress in that timeline (it seems in that timeline I woulda experienced monumental material success at the expense of my spiritual success as seen in the links pertaining to my alternate life where I woulda been in politricks above).

I saw my mother – I didn’t see my dad (maybe this was the timeline where the BerenstEin Bears stayed BerenstEin instead of BerenstAin). I surmise that, as a tarot reader (surprise, surprise) told him years ago that he woulda got killed as a patrolman in the line of duty in 1997, my mother woulda been in poverty, prompting me to want material success to overcompensate for my childhood of lack.

An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

That didn’t happen, so I am in this timeline where I went to prep, live a seemingly “poor” material life which I am content with cause those who seek riches and shit seek em for some shortcoming in their Soul, spirit.

I call em edifices to the ego. Why the fuck you need all that space? You gonna house a bunch of homeless people in it?

It’s to impress others and I am in an energy where I don’t give a fuck what others – esp. organic portals – think to an extent where I run them away πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

I have nothing but contempt for these mofos cause I know who I am and, with my energy field being more stabilized and impenetrable, I am just gonna say my attitude is of a Sherman Tank towards these mofos.

– Before I even entertain someone in conversation, I use my third eye to see who they truly are and if I see you are an organic portal or some wounded Soulled type who ain’t trying to help yourself, I rudely cut your ass off right then and there. Maybe even curse ya if you don’t get the message…..

I don’t have time for the bullshit.

This is why I say healing is fundamental to getting rid of entity attachments.

See, there was something, like a pin, attached to my crown chakra that was allowing other folks energies, feelings, emotions, thoughts to enter into my crown chakra, which is the most invasive thing that can happen – and the most damaging.

I saw a giant sacrificial head that had that shit attached there for years since I was a child and I finally got it out.

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

There were two more perched in my heart chakra and sacral chakra, where there were holes, basically doing the same thing.

Here is the blocked on my heart chakra:

– You can see the triangle – a symbol I reptilians, archons, been pushing on me and you can even see a claw on it.

That was the cause of my heart chakra block. I just removed it πŸ‘πŸ»

That said, when I came to, my materially humble Self was able to come through without being confused by all these other folks’ energies.

I have never been a materialistic person. I see no want outside of what I need. The idea of impressing people is stupid cause most of these motherfuckers are organic portals who are Soulless anyways and don’t have the spiritual powers and ability to ascend which I have:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Fuck I wanna impress folks I hate anyways…..

I don’t wanna be part of this organic portal ass tapestry and have them feed off my energy by exchanging my infinite Soul to be feed on by these lowly ass organic portals, archons for a few lowlt ass fleeting, temporary material trinkets. I want to ascend and I don’t want to come back to this realm again and I want to show other Soulled people like me how to exit this matrix and exit back to the true light of where our Souls came from.

This great transcript breaks down everything happening….

– Also, to Soulled people, do not hang around others who have Souls and are wounded, too.

This why I don’t like the idea of AA’s and all of that…. as a friend of mine once said, “Don’t hang around folks who are wounded.” When you resolve, heal your wounds folks who have given in and are even content with it like one person I knew who would slam meth via a needle (he was that bad), just by their energy alone they have a way of pulling you under and trying to keep you under with them.

Just this past week I had an alcoholic with 3 DUIs come and – I feel he mighta got spiritually sent as a gangstalker – tried to push alcohol on me, knowing it is bad.

You are better off alone, using isolation to learn your energy body so you can heal and ascend, like all the greats……

– Yashuah Ben Pendira falsely known as HEY-ZEUS “christ”…..

Guatama Buddha

Radha Krishna

– WHY with the exception of Yashuah they all look like females….

Listen to this below:

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