PERFECT Example of Spirits Influencing People To Fuck With You

Before I begin there is this racist mofo here who called me a nigger yesterday who is part of this trio of misogynistic ass bikers that like to gangstalk…..

Here is his license plate….. CA license plate number 24D4596…..

I think this might be the SAME sick asshole who going back to last year wanted to me to drive all the way out to the valley, putting wear and tear on my van, for some $50.

– He out by De Soto and Kittridge and his email address is [email protected]

That said, let me make something clear for all the low vibratory energy vampires that want to seek me out for my sacral chakra energy (and are being influenced by evil entities – at their peril – to do so). That said, I DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE! I did it in the past as a means of survival as I CAN NOT work with these organic portals in the regular workplace. Every job I had I got fired from it! That said I did sex work as a means of survival because it is relatively easy to get into and there is not much investment to put into it!

I have two clients who have become friends who help me when I need it and in some instances, don’t want sex! Being wary of STD’s = spiritually transmitted diseases and being a Soulled, highly spiritual person who is ready to ascend, I do not want to engage with new people who could put bad energy in me, around me (many of these dudes who see sex workers are CRAWLING, literally walking entity attachments, being filled with low vibratory negative entity attachments like this dude here) so I do not see anyone – at all – outside of them!

That said, I plan on selling my jewelry on Etsy and revamping my Etsy business to cater to folks with Souls (I don’t do mundane readings for organic portals such as “gf/bf” bullshit). I do this to keep up MY energy and frequency in part and mostly to help other Soulled people out!

If it is not spiritual, I don’t wanna hear it!

– While taking pics yesterday my right eye did the reptilian shapeshift yesterday AND NOTE the pocket even looks like a reptile eye 🦖🐉….

Here is my Etsy shop where I plan on posting and selling the jewelry later…..

That said, listen to this hear:

– You can hear a hispanic man’s voice say, “Go”, then “Go” again….

And…. hear is the squidward demonic entity that once said that “it hates me cause I have light” and that “it will follow me always” making that creaky “hiss hisss” sound……

That voice sounds very similar to the demon Bruce Lee got sacrificed to – and defeated – as part of a curse before his death:

It makes that same “hiss hiss” sound at the beginning…..

That said, here is the full video:

I did this video cause I heard a spirit with a robotic voice say, “I love your tits”.

This is how spirits – that unlike us Soulled people and even organic portals with spirits inhabiting their bodies – can influence folks to attack you. This is the root of gangstalking:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Organic portals, whom do not have Souls, can act as vessels for evil spirits trying to attack you, hence why gangstalked victims will see certain events being played out over and over again by different individuals, different folks saying the same shit, people all of a sudden giving them attitude, out the blue for no reason.

It is because spirits are at play, making these Soulless organic portals, with no inner life, do this.

It reminds me of how one time an old white lady staying in the shelter I was at said to me, “I don’t know why I hate you but I do even though you are a nice person.”

At another shelter I stayed at recently I heard an old black lady say, “There is something in here trying to start conflict.”

In another instance, this guy here – before he attacked me (we were getting along pretty good) I remember the night he attacked me, before he did, I could tell he was having an inner conflict with his brain saying, “I hate her, I gotta hurt her” over and over again while holding his head – as if he were fighting something inside of his brain, trying to battle it off before attacking me….

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

– He is still a piece of shit because he had it in him still in that after the confrontation I would hear him every now and then say “She selling wolf tickets” and “She a little girl (WOMAN)!”

I notice wetbacks have a problem with strong womben which is why I can’t stand them and keep a strict distance between me and them. They are toxic.

That said I noticed though that (uncoincidentally) after the attack some black bitches started to rise up to wealth and prominence, making me a sacrifice.

When I came into my power, I cut that shit down real quick:

Like with me and my ‘wokes I don’t even have to touch them! That’s real power!

That said, yesterday I got a message in the astralscape in which I was in an auto shop, having my light fixed, when I was walking and the Madonna song (one of my favourites from back in the day), “La Isla Bonita”, was playing. I was wearing a silver dress that barely covered my breasts and I was feeling flirty. Like the energy I was projecting was that of an insecure middle aged woman overcompensating to be sexually seen and be attractive, which is not me at all. I then felt guided to get this envelope that look like those envelopes used for invitations. I opened it and as the song played I heard “el hijo.”

Now, el hijo means child in Spanish. I asked my third eye for clarification and I saw a giant sacrificial head that looked like a child that was designed to attach to me, mainly the crown chakra where they usually attach, and through it’s energetic influence override my energy, my light, and attract rapists, sexually predatory mofos to me by overshadowing my own energy in place of placing it’s own energy “over” mine so as to attract the wrong people into my life.

This is how these things work.

The worst of them are the giant sacrificial heads as I call them – I am not sure as to if they are some aspect of a person’s higher self or some archon. Based on my third eye these are energies that are culminated from either a group of people or one person – as I have seen before – that devours Souls and spirits for sustenance after a targeted person dies:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

This is how they work:

Just Removed A Giant Sacrificial Head That Was Controlling Me

This film I by “happenstance” came upon yesterday perfectly illustrates what I mean whereby an archon “god” devours Souls as sacrifices upon death and has them live in the realm of her inner world. The film is called “The Other Side of The Door”:

You can watch the elongated clip (the dude narrating these movie recaps are funny) and see what I mean by watching the end:

They usually attach at the crown chakra or the back of your neck – both places where your Soul leaves – to devour your Soul upon death.

That said, one time in the astral, I saw this happening to a hispanic girl who was a Walmart worker whose Soul got devoured by this big ugly motherfucker who looked like Captain Spaulding from “A House of 1000 Corpses.”

With that being said, spirits are all around us. As I said here the other day……

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

You gotta look into the spirit realm to see what is really going on as the spirit realm directly affects the physical.

Peace and good luck!

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