PERFECT Example of Organic Portals Pushing FAKE Spirituality

PERFECT Example of Organic Portals Pushing FAKE Spirituality

– He couldn’t handle those last 5 posts I sent him where I called him out for being an organic portals.

Straight showed his true colors.

That said:

Alright, any time someone tells you that you gotta go thru external shit to find spiritual shit, they are organic portals, esp. if they are pushing new (c)age CIA phony hacks like Terrence McKenna who got people doped up to keep a revolution from uprising:,%20Huxley

Anyone with a Soul knows that the answers come from within…..

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

How To Raise Your INNER Frequency Using Your Third Eye To Stop Addiction

If your chakras, esp. you third eye, is clear and open you can learn all this shit on your own without using mind warping drugs that can fuck you up and possibly get you locked up!

Based on his answers and responses that let me know he was an organic portal:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Organic portal “spiritualists” perfectly, aptly fit the description belied upon by Martha Stout in her book, “The Sociopath Next Door” when she said sociopaths know the words but not the meaning because they lack an inner world of emotion, feeling, cause they have no Soul.

A perfect example is here: I brought up my being in jail cause it was pertinent to my telling the story of how I learned to change my own inner frequencies on my own…..

– NOTE he mentions the “god” the demiurge, a big sign that he is an organic portal.

When Soulled people come to me we talk experiences. We don’t talk that “Oh you read this book or you read that” cause we have the Souls to have our own experiences and don’t need CIA lamestream hacks to feed us what we already know, what they steal from

Organic portals come at you in a way that is “too clean” meaning that they do not have the inner life to experience the shadow Self or anything like that. Their experiences are “too clean”, too sanitised, too reminiscient of someone trying to project an image of the stereotype of a “spiritual” person – saying key phrases like “oneness”, “peace” and all that bull – but lack the ability to come at you in a “dirty”, “soiled”, really raw, real manner that highlights someone who has felt the depths of tragedy, morose, loss, things consistent with what folks with Souls go thru and how we process the world, this matrix, around us.

You can see the emptiness in his words. That’s why I abhorred motherfuckers like that for a long time cause I knew they were fake and phony but I could not quite put the words to it.

They will, to throw you off, proselytize that you are a “know it all” or “you are crazy” or just act dumbfounded when you come at them with your knowledge that has a foundation supported in emotion and feeling that only those with Souls can experience.

Another thing, I asked my third eye to show me his Soul and I saw three sacrificial heads = organic portal…..

The words, and the lack of depth, is what catches em everytime.

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