Tarot Reading Shows Someone Will Get Raped And Murdered By The Cops In 7 Days

Tarot Reading Shows Someone Will Get Raped And Murdered By The Cops In 7 Days

– Crazy shit starts to happen everytime I am on the verge of releasing negative entity attachments, trauma based energies…..

That said, I won’t lie.

Let me keep it real. While I was in jail last time I overheard a detective say, “I don’t want her in Malibu” emphatically, over and over. Then he says, “How about we do a release and catch”.

For those of you not familiar with the term, “release and catch” is a term used to describe the act law enforcement engages in where a person in custody is released in the middle of the night with practically nothing – no shoes, car keys, phone – and cops will pick the person up and do whatever.

I learned it while working on the Mitrice Richardson case, which you can learn more about here:

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Retracing The Steps of How and Where Mitrice Richardson Died

– I learned alot when working on that case!

That said, after I heard that, when I was sent to the Van Nuys Courthouse where I overheard a black deputy mention “topless” and “they are talking about killing her.”

I wanna add years ago a very powerful spiritualist in her own right saw the same thing and I had a few visions similar as well.

That said, I get along with the sheriffs. I can’t see that happening. Maybe some in the station got those intentions but all in all I got ace of swords and 6 of swords = moving away from danger cause I believe the ones who like me won’t let that happen:

– Damn, looka how the juxtaposition – and cards themselves – rolled out!


That said, as based on the reading I got “2 of wands” meaning choice. I think some dumb motherfuckers around here are gonna try to lure me into a situation where I get arrested like these fools here…..

– He threw his middle finger up as he passed me by….

That said that’s why I’m not gonna let these fools cause me to lose my cool so that that will happen πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

Make you lose your shit and possibly your life, bitch.

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

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