How Netflix Film Bright Reveals A Fear of The Coming Black Messiah


Reminds me of the film, “End of Watch” SINCE THE DIRECTOR WAS THE SAME: Christopher Ayers!

– Ya boy obsessed with cops, eh?

Funny, I just noticed that “Bright” got 6.6 for reviews while “End of Watch” got 7.7 which correlates BIG in numerology:

It means mastering both the material AND spiritual realms which “Bright” shows by maintaining our modern society as we know it to be with mythological characters:

Also, it’s the same sequence of numbers which can be found on Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Thieme whom I talk about here: ‎

Another thing I find intriguing are the population stats: makes you wonder whom the other entities are:

That said – in this might be what I would have to consider “a blog in progress” – I feel on the more superficial end of this blog post that this movie is preparing us for the “arrival” of beings whom have always lived amongst us now coming out their shells (human shells in this case) and living amongst us as they truly appear: namely, the reptilians:

Jakoby look like a reptilian, don’t he?

A reptilian alien as portrayed in that film, “The Fourth Kind.”

Look at youtube dropping subtle hints in which a “Bright” trailet pops up when I’m searching for Reptilians:

Look at this Billboard in L.A. featuring a new tv series called, “The Alienist”:

Here’s a poster board for “Bright” shown like they would ANY OTHER “BUDDY (Kinda in this case) COP” film WITHOUT EMPHASIZING THE ALIEN ASPECT:

Told ya’ll they gettinf you all ready for this shit!

Here’s an “experiencer’s” illustration of an actual Draco reptilian he saw:


See, Hollywood (which is FILLED with reptilians) knows… down to the green scales on Jakoby and all, and yellow eyes (I peep Jakoby doesn’t have the cat slits) as my half bred ass shows…

That said, a film then tv series that came before this – “Alien Nation” – in the early 90s (I remember!) was at the time preparing you all for the shapeshifters/ half breds who would be coming out more such as myself and others, hence why they looked human except for the funny patterned bald heads SIMILAR TO WHAT CAN BE SEEN ON REPTILIANS…

Here’s how you can spot “shapeshifter eyes”. If you read from here:

And see here:

We got a “ring” around our eyes that I believe may only be visible to the camera.

You can see it with Benecio Del Toro here from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”:

– but note Cameron Diaz don’t have it, proving it is a uniquely alien trait.

Look at this actress in that “Outfield” song, “Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love”:

– DON’T THAT LOOK LIKE A SECOND PAIR OF EYES, ALMOST LIKE “CATARACTS” BUT NOT QUITE (Note “TV Tropes” states that cataracts are mystical, showing Hollywood knows more than the average person):

– No wonder songs a while back like Selena Gomez’s song here at the end would say: “It’s the cataracts.” Hollywood telling ya’ll something!

Look at her cat like/ reptilian Egyptian appearance:

– Note how cats/ reptilians (really, the Carians who begot the reptilians) were worshipped in ancient Kemet/ Egypt:

– Ra is believed to be apart of the “Carians”, an interdimensional species who begot the reptilians in our dimension just as the “Lyrans” birthed humans.

Now, regarding Earthly based shapeshifters/ alien, transdimensional hybrids, here’s evidence:


AND… this is a CONSUMMATE EXAMPLE of a hybrid:

That’s senator Richard Baker from Louisiana whose KNOWN for having eyes like that CAPTURED IN HI-DEF OF ALL THINGS (funny but while looking for images of his reptilian eyes I COULD BARELY FIND SHIT whereas before I could find PLENTY – must be due to google self censorship!).

– Look at those eyes AND those fucking sharp ass teeth (kinda remind me of mine for how distorted they look).

Fitting that this nigga’s from Louisiana which is KNOWN for having alligators (my home state, too!) AND was the site of a series of abductions and encounters of an ex NOPD officer and his neighbors and reptilians in which he was abductes and shown “martial law” scenarios involving reptilians which you can read here:

HE ALSO runs a hedge fund AND is a fucking senator (how fitting AND counterproductive to his post seeing that because HE IS A BANKER he will side with banker’s interests that goes against the best interest of the public).

That said, look at his eyes (in which the pupils appear normal since senator Baker is KNOWN for having hi-def captured reptilian eyes):

THOSE ARE THE EYES OF A FULL BLOWN REPTILUAN INHABITING A HUMAN BODY! Let me explain but before I do let me show you more examples of such eyes…

Queen Elizabeth for example who is known for being a full on reptilian as talked about here:

She also made some kids from the Kamloops school in the 1950s disappear as well since she as with most reptilians are KNOWN for drinking blood:

Keke Wyatt:

Look at those soulless eyes – you can SEE the reptilian in her!!!

They even show her on a reality show making weird anomolous eye movements:

– Also, PEEP how she got that white “ring” around her eye like I do…

Reptilian FBI agent:

I have seen these types of eyes on countless… reptilians, “people”, including Sgt. Richard Foss (or is it “Ross”) of the Lost Hills sheriffs station and plenty of others (some of em are nice people!) like this black dude who let me skip in front of him (a lady berated him)!

That ssaid (deliberate misspelling), here’s how you can tell reptilian eyes: they all have that soulless – reptilian – look about em with oval, “oriental” asiatic eye shapes, almond eyes in other words.

That said, here’s something else I want you to look at: the reptilians look like black people!

Doesn’t the above image look like the same said one down below of ya boy, Jakoby, FLAT NEGROID NOSE AND EVERYTHING:

Now, I’ve been doing some more thinking! When looking at the various, main races – I noticed the elves are designed to portray the Italians (LISTEN TO THE ACCENTS WHICH IS A DEAD GIVEAWAY) who are portrayed as very fashionable:

– I’ve seen an entity that looks like the silver surfer before with similar bright glowing eyes. A player for the San Antonio Spurs reported seeing a similiar being DUBBED the “Silver Surfer” UFO before in Santa Monica:

Funny thing is (again as evidence of Hollywood knowing shit) there’s a “Silver Surfer” comic book named as such based on a similar being that’s of course – on a surf board:

Now, notice the Elves have their own “district” aka ghetto and are RICH!

– Who else that reminds you of?

BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL INTO THIS TRAP THINKING OF BLAMING THE JEWS FOR EVERYTHING!!! As I talked about here: the reason WHY anti semitism is being pushed on the internet is because the powers that be KNOW that the key to bringing about End Times so they can bring about their false messiah (which in a way the movie here exposes) is by bringing about widespread persecution of the jews since the illuminati is using the Bible as it’s playbook! No surprise I believe the director’s non jewish!

Jews were rounded up in GHETTOS btw during WW II:

Also, note how they’re pushing the idea of murdering babies by the Elf which is in alignment with the anti semitic theme of jews murdering babies:

That’s no different than the LIE being promoted by this white supremacists named James Wickstrom here: whose group is loosely associated with a “man” named Ryan Michael Wayne who shot a man I recall in the face, molested him via that wound, sodomized him and his son – Luke Stice – before murdering them both: I also wanna say to all you slow ass negroes eating his bs that this CRAKKKA claims that CRAKKKAROACHES are the true chosen of Israel: AND he promotes THE DEATH OF ALL NON WHITES which you can read here, again:


Now, here’s the silver linning – and the anti semitic shit hidden in plain site – though the jews, oops, I mean Elves are portrayed as the rich, illuminati “ruling body”, guess who the society is modeled after: HUMANS and guess who the humans are meant to portray: WHITE PEOPLE

Look at the population stats:

Who else at one time was based on population considered (and still is considered) as the majority!


Here’s whites trying to sneakily buffer their numbers by claiming hispanics as “white” in which the CDC uses questionable methods via which to do so:

Also, notice they’re trying to portray the lead black actor as “racist”, something whites are NOTORIOUS for doing such as blaming slavery on blacks by saying that our ancestors sold ur or saying that the Holocaust (by calling it the Holohoax) never happened: A TRUE RACE OF DEMONIC SOCIOPATHS IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!

Funny they got Will Smith with a white woman as if to portray the theme “We are all one HUMAN race” in an effort to deny racism – and the inevitable and deserved ass whooping – white folks are gonna inevitably get for causing it!

Here is where one of white folks’ underlying fears as expressed in “Bright” are portrayed:

Okay, the orcs are portrayed as a dichotomous mixture between blacks (low population numbers, clannish culture – ie “We gotta stick together” credo you hear so often promulgated in the black community, the big appearance of the females, styles, poor neighborhoods), Hispanics (same as the blacks but more so portrayed by the population growth), and poor whites as portrayed by the death metal orcish music (which I feel is a fucking false equivalency cause after all white “trash” can always – and easily – pick themselves up by the boot straps, dust themselves off and get a job easily through WHITE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OTHERWISE KNOWN AS WHITE PRIVILEGE WHICH HAS ALWAYS EXISTED IN THE U.S.A. SINCE THE MURDEROUS INCEPTION OF THIS NATION VIA THE HANDS OF THESE MURDEROUS, RAPIST (Tom Jefferson) RACIST ASS THIEVING ASS “FOUNDING FATHERS”).

Anyways, the “messiah” they seek and actually sided with in an ancient war was known as the “Dark Lord” who also looks like the “jewish” elves – which correlates to the Jewish people’s awaiting of a coming messiah:

That said, based on the fact that the mostly black portrayed orc race sided with him – I have no choice to believe that this correlates to what the white mostly illuminati fears which is the rise of a Black Messiah who they call the Antichrist who will wipe the crakkkas off the planet…

The Dark Lord can be seen as reminiscient of Toussaint Louverture who freed Haiti so many years ago who – as done to the orcs in the film by the other species – whites in our timeline STILL hold a grudge against, which is why it’s said Haiti is poor to this day:

Not only that, but it’s further cemented by a comment made by one of the cops, Pollard, in the locker room: “How is it that a bunch of dumbasses who can’t remember their baby-mommas’ birthdays still have a hard on for some shit that happened 2,000 years ago?”

– Not remembering baby mommas’ birthdays = blacks and knocking orcs for remembering the loss of an event involving their “dark lord” savior is alot like how whites knocking us for remembering amd justifiably knocking their heads for slavery some thousands of years ago as well…

Also, Jesus said s/he was coming b/l/ack with a sword…

Also, after all, J. Edgar Hoover created Cointel Pro to intercept such a rise which you can read about here:
That’s why they call him the “dark” as in melanated Lord!

As a matter of fact, to go even deeper…

It’s said the Jews worship Saturn aka Satan = the Cube:

You can read more abour that here:

Now, this Saturn worship derives from the recognition of alien beings found by Saturn. Peep what colour they are…

In an interview with former top level clearance NASA employee, Norm Bergrun, for his book, “The Ringmakers of Saturn”, he states that BLACK EXTRATERRESTRIALS WHO LOOKED AFRIKAN AND WERE MELANTED WERE FOUND USING A MOTHERSHIP TO PILOT AROUND SATURN, CREATING IT’S RINGS!

Thus, the Anti Christ to whites may be the REAL CHRIST TO BLACKS!

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