Tip of the Day: Those Who Ain’t Got BOAST ABOUT WHAT THEY AIN’T GOT

Poor mofos! Always poor mofos talking about money!

I’ll clue you in on something – those who talk about the debt instruments otherwise known as money here (they break it down for you in plain sight): https://www.thebalance.com/how-is-the-fed-monetizing-debt-3306126 are really those who make “money” their “god” cause they never had. Let me explain: when you grew up getting what you want – you start to see past the matrix and the matrix itself for what it is. For instance, I think to myself, in an alternate reality, would I have been happen if I made alot of money and was the apple of the eyes of the world (another form of “seeking people’s approval” which I wholeheartedly condemn!). That said, it’s a resounding “NO!” Know why? Because I think back to when I was a little child how I would get bored once I got the Christmas present I desired. It was the “high” of the anticipation, the element of surprise so inherent in Christmas presents – that made me lone for one. Once I got it, I got bored. So I equate it to how I would feel NOW considering that I am awoke beyond where most are, I am so awoke I see the forest for the trees and the utter uselessness of such things. Okay, I got a porsche. Then what? I’d get bored! (Something erased the following) It reminds me of this “Twilight Zone” where this thief thought he was in heaven cause he got whatever he wanted. When he got bored (now, note this) – cause he got everything so easily – he found out he was in HELL afterall:

– That’s how I’d feel, too!

So what’s the point? I value my spiritual journey more than anything else now, the journey I’m currently undertaking (and trying to ascend!). That said…

When you fuck with the Spirit World, you realize you can make ALL those material possessions which are required to be brought with debt instruments appear – efforestly – if you know how to work the astral and make objects there and then have them manifest in the 3D, much as magicians use lil 4D critters from the astral to perform there magick tricks for as can be evidenced here:

Thus when you realize how effortlessly this shit can be brought back using REAL POWER in the form of so called “magick”, YOU REALIZE HOW INANE IT IS TO WORSHIP THESE MATERIAL POSSESSIONS – and the debt instrument otherwise known as the dollar – like they’re “god” when you’re actually in fact, GOD – if you’d just take the time to open your chakras!

That said, people who are poor usually obsess about money cause they have brought into the illuminati’s belief system that in order for a person to be “valued” they must make a lot of money so as to be valued by other fake, phony superficial people! That said, poor people – and this goes without saying – go through alot of shit in society which can push you to think that, manipulating your head as set forth by the illuminati! For instance my mother was born in the projects. She had (and still has) a complex where she feels like she must have money to be important, to be somebody – esp. as stemming from an incident that occurred when she was a child where some ole light skinned BLACK BITCH tried to run her over cause she was poor. This created a false sense of inferiority in her eyes where she felt like she wasn’t good enough and to this day strives to climb the fake social hierarchy society sets for her. I see this with many Mexicans and people who come from poorer backgrounds – this complex! I recall maybe perhaps it was 2 years ago getting locked out of my car. I asked a Mexican in a $35,000 Beamer for help and he snapped at me and said, “What? You think cause I’m Mexican I know how to work on cars?” Then told me about how he’s a lawyer and blah blah blah! That said, I recall Mexican engineer MADE IT A POINT to say that he was an engineer in an email request to see me as a sex worker (I TURNED HIM DOWN JUST FOR THAT SHIT!).

People like that make me appreciate the fact that I know myself, am comfortable with myself – something people envy in me!

That said, there’s nothing “cool” about envying or wanting to have what others have cause it takes away from you knowing you, yourself! It STEALS from your innerstanding! That said, those who are poor are the main ones you’ll find always talking about money or boasting about what they “wish they could have” that which they never had (and probably most likely will never have) because they lack a strong self of sense, a strong identity and so thus think material possessions will fill that gaping hole wound that’s in their soul. Meanwhile, those who got – and I learned this from working at JP Morgan Chase – you’d never know cause they are so used to having the material (and quite possibly the spiritual world which is probably how they acquired what they got – see #pizzagate) that they don’t care and can see those material possessions for what they are: a means to an end instead of the ending of the meaning of their life!

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