The Hypocrisy of Hypochristians Who Practice So Called Pagan Rituals And Sin As Well In Their Religion

The Hypocrisy of Hypochristians Who Practice So Called Pagan Rituals And Sin As Well In Their Religion

I was prompted to write this article cause of some real judgemental shit I saw being hurled at a young woman who wore makeup in an unusual manner, and they were calling her demon and shit…..

Crazy thing is “Jesus” or shall I say HEY-Zeus (there is no “j” in the Hebrew language) is a mythos that was concocted at the council of nicea under the direction of Eastern Roman Emperor, Constantinople, who altered the original, real christianity (there were actually 4 sects of Christianity before the Romans fucked with it, including gnosticism which I fuck with) in which their pagan gods, traditions and spiritual beliefs were incorporated, hence the reason why in Spanish, which derives from latin which the Romans spoke, they pronounce Jesus as HEY-Zeus

That is why the concept of an old beared white man living in the sky exists = Zeus:

Quetzalcoatl, the demon reptilian god creator of the wetbacks, also would shapeshift into a wide man sky daddy…..

Just like the demiurge aka Zeus aka “god”, he also required human sacrifice too…..



I recall once while in jail a young lady saying that I am an immortal.

I did not get what she meant but now I do.

I got a Soul. As I have said before, most don’t. They are called organic portals, the Soulless ones. That makes me a God.

With that being said, I am an immortal because my Soul is self sustaining. I don’t need sacrifices to live on thus I am immortal.

The demiurge aka the false “god” is not.

Baba Bobby Hemmitt spoke of this dying, ignorant “god” in one of his lectures…

The demiurge or what is really the false god is a weak motherfucker. It needs people with Souls like myself to feed on by entraping us in physical vessels known as bodies as illustrated in The Matrix:

– The start of Ascension includes waking up to this realEYESation……

That’s the reason why hypochristians, who largely consist of organic portals, make up the “pro life” movement….

It is all about manipulation and mind control.

That said, the word “sin” is latin for “without”……

There’s something called sine waves which pertain to frequency…..

In gnosticism – the so called “belief” really truth system I subscribe to mostly (I’m like a detective and just collate everything together that makes sense πŸ•΅πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ – gnosis is the knowledge we are missing that is requisite for us to escape the realm of the demiurge aka the realm of Samara…..

As seen of above, lack of this know-ledge of gnosis is called a “sin”……

That said, on top of that, wanna know where the biblical concept of “women gotta submit to their husbands” come from….

– This nigga smoking crack given that every major war in human history was started by men for the benefit of their egos foh…..

I don’t even want to get into the history of women and girls’ maltreatment in Rome cause it’s depressing. Women AND girls were not allowed in public which gave rise to – you guessed it – young men AND boys being forced to dress as females to be flaunted – and fucked – out in public…..

This is Ganymede, a young boy raped by Zeus your white “god” sky daddy…..

Here some Roman soldiers engaging in homosexuality…..

That said, because of the EXTREME hatred directed towards women and girls in that society, as this young man breaks down here…..

The christian “cross” was born.

See, whereas the Egyptian Ankh represented the giving of life with the female uterus depicted at the top and the male phallic symbol at the bottom, the christian cross is two dicks intertwined……

This is the Egyptian Ankh, which has been emulated worldwide as can be seen with the Celtic Cross below it πŸ€”

– I like the Celtic one as well cause look at how it’s shown that the dick comes from the womb depicted as the circle…..

That said, nothing comes from two dicks so you war-shipping death – and for you homophobes – homosexuality when you war-ship a cross…..

That’s how you look when you war-ship the christian cross…..

That’s why there’s so many closet homosexuals cause it’s a continuation of ancient Roman antics…..

Now, to end it, folks love to celebrate HEY-Zeus’s birthday.

Guess where that December 25 false birth date came from: Saturnalia.

Saturnalia was the fucking purge: you could rape, murder, sacrifice, fuck kids, drink excessively – go wild!

You are also war-shipping Saturn, the planet, when you war-ship “Christmas.” Saturn is also the port-hole to hell…..

converted PNM file

When you hear the frequency sounds Saturn makes, you can hear folks screaming in torment and torture.

You mofos are literally war-shipping the devil = Satan = Saturn when you war-ship this false brand of “christianity.”


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