2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

My Third Eye Shows 2022 Is Going To Be The Year of The Start of The Rapture For Soulled People

The rapture isn’t what people think it’s gonna be…..

As the Diary of Paul Dienach explains (I keep trying to turn people onto that book)…..

Basically those with Souls aka “lightworkers” – I hate using that term because we operate in a realm of duality and you have to use ALL colours and become a darkworker as 13signsastrology explained below…..

– I miss the old him…..

Anyways those with Souls are going to just become lighter and I sense this is gonna take place in a 5 year period. Your body will LITERALLY become lighter and those with Souls will literally physically be able to interact with the higher realms while organic portals and those who took the covid death vax are gonna stay stuck – literally – in these lower realms where all they will see is dark shit in the lower astral plane cause the veil will become – literally – thin like a motherfucker.

You basically will be operating with your crown chakra and third eye and what I call the widow’s peak chakra esp. WIDE THE FUCK OPEN as so called schizos do but your body will physically be able to operate on that level so there will be no need for inducing out of body experiences, astral projections as your body will have the physical makeup to interact with these higher realms.

I don’t think you’ll even see organic portals if you don’t want too 😉

Paul Dienach said that it will be in the century 3000 but it will be sooner than that. From 2022 I sense this will take place in a 5 year time period, this change.

This is what mass mind control re-ligion organic portals call “the rapture.” It is NOT an ascension towards “god” the demiurge but the start of the great escape from the 3D reincarnation matrix trap that is the realm of the demiurge otherwise known as the wheel of samsara….

It will also commence the breakdown of the human led aspect of the demiurge-archon matrix trap otherwise known as the illuminati. That is why they are pushing that death vax heavily cause it changes your RNA and makes it to where you HEAVILY resonate with the reptilians so they can still heavily control you and this time they’ll be able to physically eat you as their realm will physically manifest and bleed more into ours….

Here the Brazilian President saying that covid 19 vaccine turns folks into crocodiles……

Here a woman baring an alien grey looking child…..

Here the hospitals DEAD EMPTY during the so called covid “hoax” outbreak!

They fucking with you all so you can stay condemned to hell (the lower usually cavernous astral realms) like them…..

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

The Way To Make It In Hollywood Is Not With A Deal With Satan But With The Demiurge Reptilians And His Other Archons

That said, it will also most DEFINITELY be the end to the old Roman based system of doing things which is replete with misogyny and the forceful pushing of transgenderism on usually young men and boys to replace women just as they did during the times of ancient Rome…..



– I have nothing against is but there is an agenda behind why they are pushing it so heavily…..

See, as the two bibliotecapleyades links above explain the HYPO christian re-ligion as we know it to be was created by the Romans at the Council of Nicea, in which they intergrated their pantheon of gods with things already in the bible, hence why “Jesus” (there is no letter “j” in the hebrew language) is prounced in Spanish, which comes from Latin which is the language the Romans spoke as HEY-Zeus as in the Roman god Zeus, who controlled time and ate his two sons to keep them from replacing him…..

– This is where the image and visage of a white god coming down from the sky in HYPO christianity derives…..

That said, the fake white image of “jesus” actually derives from rapist and murderer Cesare Borgia who was the “illegitimate” (I say illegitimate in quotes cause I got an issue with how society calls a child illegitimate just cause the man doesn’t claim it) son of Pope Rodrigo of Rome – of all places (not the correlations – as yourself why the vatican in Rome) which I broke down here…..

Who Really Was Jesus Christ

– Those are your “images of the beast” cause they were designed to mass mind control Soulled people.

The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt broke it down here:

2022 will be the rise of the Soulled people, the people the bible says are the “meek who will inherit the Earth” soon…..

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