Turns Out The Black Lady Who Harassed Me For Being Naked Is A Bedwench Whose Slavemaster Is Deputy Detective Huelsen Of The Los Angeles Sheriffs

Turns Out The Black Lady Who Harassed Me For Being Naked Is A Bedwench Whose Slavemaster Is Deputy Detective Huelsen Of The Los Angeles Sheriffs

I’m sorry but this nigga (or shall I say crakkka) look like a fucking Dr. Seuss character. He looks like The Grinch:

Tell me I’m fucking lying lol…..

– I peeped the Sheriff, Villanueva, congratulated him cause of what he did to me which I am about to tell you in a few……

– I sense he like big butch bitches…..

This old ass white man ended up on my radar cause a coupla weeks back he towed my car cause I got into it with a wetback…..

That said, while in the patrol car with him, he starting asking me why I don’t move back home with my family in Louisiana, why I don’t want a regular home (you wanna move me in with you bitch) and basically knocked how I live.

When I said I like living in my van and that lifestyle, he had my shit towed…..

That said I put two and two together and realEYES ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ the broad from the other day who knocked me for going naked…..

Respectable Politricks Nigger Bitch Calls Cops On Me For Being Naked And More Fuckery

….is the same ole black ass bedwench who is looking lovingly into this old crakkka’s ass dead eyes as he decides how he is gonna rape her of her melanated energy like the paleface demon he is……

– This is sick.

I hate a bedwench:

Bedwench With Dylan Roof Looking Crakkka Sets Up Deliberately In My Line of Sight And Gets Checked

The Bedwench Mentality And Why I Would Never Date or Marry A White Man

Imma tell ya about this crakkka.

This the type of crakkka who likes getting on with low self esteem black bedwenches so his ugly Horton Hears A Who Dr Seuss character looking ass can feel superior.

He think his crakkka ass lack of color is currency ๐Ÿ’ฐ and thinks all nigger bitches should drop their drawers for him cause he is the all white saviour coming to steal their skin color and the benefits that come with it by giving them “babies wit good hair.”

That said, she the type of low self esteem ass nigger wench who got dumped by all the cute neighborhood brothers and, so she can live vicariously through a half white child, decided to get this old half dead looking white bitch who look like he got a hernia so she can have, as I said before, “A chile wit good hair.”

– You can see the nigger bedwench oozing out them eyes as she stares lovingly at her half dead white knight in a Billabong shirt, trying to look alive like Prince Philip tried before he finally croaked after living 5,000 years on this Earth…..

– Bet they ain’t even married and he using her melanin by fucking her and using her as a sex toy as white men did during the days of slavery…..

That said, this mofo hates me because I am an anomaly who can’t be controlled.

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

As someone who is honestly transracial with a Soul unlike his half dead white ass I don’t make sense to him. He was trying desperately to make sense of me on his terms that day in the patrol car. He knows I am attracted to white men – due to the past life – but it don’t mean I’ll war-ship your ass cause due to that past life – which is very strong in my Soul linneage I know how them mofos think, I know how they are. Plus I know my worth and my linneage in this timeline…..


….As the bible says, “There will be no gods that come before ME” and I Am God and he knows this and that pisses him off cause he knows I know I am The Power:

Satan Is The Black Person’s Kundalini

That’s why I’ll throw rocks, rot your dick off ‘woke and cuss your ass out and put you in your place as I did the other day…..

To let these crakkkas kno’ I AM THE BOSS AND I AM IN CHARGE!


That said, I sense this know-ledge I have of myself repulses him, pisses him off and got him viciously targeting me in a way cause he lusts for me.

People like that are confused about their feelings for you and end up like the dude in “That’s Pat” who chases after the androgynous main character cause….. they repulse and are simultaneously intrigued by em.

Like the character I’m a curiosity to most people.

That said, that’s my thoughts on him. I also believe he sent the nigger ape bitch to try to get me into that respectable knee-grow politricks shit.

I hate black people like that. They let what whites think of em rule their life and define em. I have no respect for mofos like that. I broke this mentality down here:

Black Women Stop Letting The Jezebel Stereotype Limit You

With both of these people, there is insecurity galore. They hate themselves, bored with their lives and so they take their shit out on you ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป

It’s just how these Soulless ass organic portals roam on our Earthrealm. I get it!

That said, that is my outlook!

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