Satan Is The Black Person’s Kundalini

Satan Is The Black Person’s Kundalini

Google IMMEDIATELY age restricted this video that I am about to show you cause it is telling truths…..

I Am Satan:

NOTE how white people have portrayed “Satan” as having black people’s features for eons……

It is because we ARE Satan.

Let me explain……

See, as explained…. blacks hold the key to chaos magick.

Now, in many afrocentric groups as can be seen in the diaphram above melanin breaks down to = 666…..

– This ?? is a GREAT blog that breaks it down…..

Baba Bobby Hemmitt further broke down the etymology of the word, saying that Satan comes from the Egyptian word Suten (like Sultan in arabic) meaning “ruler”…..

You all gotta watch Bobby Hemmitt’s “Satan The Ultimate Darkside” lecture….

That being said, Satanism is a major part of chaos magick which is why crakkkas are quick to try to “pacify” you into war-shipping crakkka christ aka Cesare Borgia, a rapist and murderer…..

Note this crakkka here coming at me with that “good cop” bull while the wetback sits in the front seat of the red truck with his white supremacist crakkka slavemaster…..

– He look like one of those perverted, nasty ass crakkkas who use black women as sex toys, which is the energy I got off of IT’S ass! A total scummy energy, trashy!

I can’t stand them!

THIS video is funny! Note this crakkka blowing up when I reject him ????‍♀️??

– I tortured his ass with truth, like a demon ??‍♀️??

That being said, chaos magick involves explosion, destruction witch ??‍♀️?? happens when you have a kundalini awakening – as I experienced in high school:

Now the kundalini is described as a serpent rising up!

Looka how Satan is described…..

– When I called myself “war-shipping” Satan, witch ??‍♀️?? is an aspect of me – I was war-shipping me and when I saw “him”, I saw a red dragon.

I now realEYES that the mofos I was sacrificing to “it” were being sacrificed to me ????‍♀️??

I’ve seen the hell folks’ I’ve ‘woked will be in and all.

That said, you put two and two together and find out what white folks have known all along which is that we are Satan.

That is why they fear us fucking with the darkside and tell you to “work in the light.”

Those fuckers have been using OUR melanated magick against us for eons and don’t want you knowing your own true Satanic power that will shift the balance of power to us (I’ll tell ya this – everything starts in the spirit world and you can manipulate the material world from there).

As an ancedote, when I started fucking around with Satanism – as guided by an archon – see, before, people didn’t respect. Now, you got mofos, like here, today, kissing my ass…..

I’ve ‘woked the shit out of white ass Malibu…..

First A Fire, Now People Are Protesting The Lost Hills Sheriffs For My Return To Malibu

Forest Fire Breaks Out At Sunset Mesa on The PCH In Malibu

Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

….And looka what happened…..

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

– Looka the dates. Cops were looking at me like, “Damn bitch, you did this?”

Sure as fuck did….. thru ‘woke ????

Cue Juicy J

Just to show whose in charge I even show how petty I am by ‘wokeing a crakkka who wouldn’t give me a jump, subsequently killing his ma ??‍♀️????

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

– And laughed in his face ??

That said, let me go further…..

The Baphomet.

Look at the Egyptian Pharoah’s body style:

NOTE Pharaoh Ahkenaten got the dual body of a man AND a woman.

That is the androgynous, dual body of the Baphomet = duality.

– I am of Egyptian royal heritage!

That is why I carry myself the way I do.

I HATE the way crakkkas have sexualized the black body and esp. the black female form and our breasts, taking the sacredness out of it!

That is why I keep a SEVERE, STRICT, HOSTILE distance with them and to some extent their wannabe lapdogs, the wetbacks!

I can’t stand those fuckers and their nasty, perverted cave ape ways and minds, desecrating every fucking thing they come across….

NOW, there is a movie I keep revisiting – it’s called Bright on Netflix (check it out – it was the only reason I bought a Netflix subscription)……

Look at the devil’s horns behind Will Smith….

I decoded it some years past…..

How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

How Netflix Film Bright Reveals A Fear of The Coming Black Messiah

In the film – in a world where typically pale white elves rules as “bright” magicians – Will Smith, a black man, is a Bright!

Looka Will Smith’s eyes eye color change…..

Mines have done that too…..

It is indicative of high level spiritual abilities, taking the ability to shapeshift from the astral realm and implement it in the 3D, which is really hard to do and rare for folks to pull.

– And his right there looks just like the elves pale eyes in the movie….

Now, NOTE when he grabs the wand, his eyes turn black like a demon…..


Now use it against them just as I have done…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

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