The Pathology of White Folks Blaming The Jews For Everything And What Black People Can Learn From The Jews

The Pathology of White Folks Blaming The Jews For Everything And What Black People Can Learn From The Jews

This shit pisses me off…..

THIS tells you all you need to know of the crakkka’s white supremacist agenda against the jews……

That said, as we all know white “people” are the masters of projection AND deflection and we can look no further than how quick they are to blame the jews for the holocaust (nevermind that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion WAS WRITTEN BY WHITE RACISTS which lead to the holocaust) AND the illuminati conspiracy JUST AS they blame blacks for slavery by arguing we sold each other as slaves – meanwhile these demons didn’t have to accept them (in the same vein when we point out righteously how they flooded the black community in the 80s with drugs to subvert those pale demon apes argue that we didn’t have to take em).

You didn’t have to take those slaves too, bitch!

They are even blaming the jews for slavery – nevermind the conspicuous fact that we don’t have jewish fucking last names like Greenberg or Goldblatt but anglo fucking saxon names like Williams, as I do. Dumbass bitches.

I said white people are stupid!

That said there is a PSYCHO-PATHOLOGY to crakkkas blaming the jews and, just as they are doing with the pro life movement – which is designed to get black people to agree to it so they can get more abandoned black babies to turn into modern day slaves as revealed here – trying to get blacks’ naive asses to join in on the deprecation, at our fucking expense as illustrated by that comment above.

If it wasn’t for the jews your black asses wouldn’t have any civil rights!

Here are some Jews who died right along with brothers fighting for our civil rights (most of the “whites” fighting for our civil rights at that time were Jews)…..

Imma say this as well; back in my old neighborhood in Miracle Mile midwilshire, when I first went shirtless – the people, who were mostly Jewish (it was a Jewish diverse neighborhood) were respectful. It wasn’t until I moved out here to Malibu that I started getting the avaracious, animalistic, disrespectful hypersexualizing treatment from crakkkas, which is mainly white.

This is why I CAN’T STAND white people!

This is why I have to keep a hostile distance between them, including the wetbacks!

That said my great great grandmother was a German (Ashkenazi) Jew so if anybody come on my platforms with that anti semetic shit I’m hurting you or even worse (‘wokeing).

– I would NEVER acknowledge a crakkka in my family!

I even did an article a while back showing how – via their features – jews got BLACK features, showing they come from us.

The White Jews Are Really Creole Jews Who Prove Black Americans Are The True Jews

Also, blacks can learn from the jews about being insular and exclusive and keeping other motherfuckers OUT, which is how and why the jews are successful ??

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